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Alpha Appliance offers a wide variety of repair solutions to our clients. Washing machine repair and service is an everyday object of our expertise among the various residential appliances that we are able to get to normal in one go. In the wink of an eye, our qualified specialists can fix any leaky, noisy, excessively vibrating, insufficiently spinning, or other malfunctioning washers.

You don’t need to question yourself “Who can fix my washing machine?” again! Our company primarily uses the most up-to-date gear for repairing procedures to guarantee the performance of your appliance for as long as possible. You will not have to wait for our personnel since we provide a same-day service policy – Alpha Appliance will be at your place within a few hours after your first contact.

What washing machine types do we fix?

If you believe that repairing a washer (or any other equipment) on your own is a smart idea, you better think again. A large percentage of washer breakages are unfixable unless you have expert knowledge and the proper gear. We provide assistance with various types of washers since each has its own set of complexities that will be explained below.

Portable washing machines fixing

A portable washing machine is quite similar to a regular one. The only difference is that the water is not automatically removed but must be filled in and out physically using a faucet adaptor. This simplifies diagnostics since all of these elements are easily accessible and may be examined for leakage, blockages, and other problems.

Front-load washer fix

In 8 out of 10 automatic washer repair cases, we deal exactly with this most common type of device. Front-loading machines have a more intricate construction and must be repaired by a specialist only. The servicing, as well as the spare components, may be more costly compared to other kinds of washing machines. This difference, however, will be negligible with our service, thanks to our competitive pricing and access to spare parts.

Top-loading washing machine repair

Some say they are outdated, but this type has its merits too. Most top-loading washers include an agitator, which, among other issues, often collects all of the fur, grime, and other debris that impedes the normal device’s performance. A specialist will remove the agitator and clean all of the dirt out without causing any damage to the washer.

When using a top-loading washing machine, users are more prone to overload it, causing leaks and turning or emptying stoppage. You may extend the life of your washer by avoiding overloads and following user manuals. However, if the incident has already occurred, Alpha Appliance would be glad to assist you in resolving its repercussions.

Washer / dryer combo repair

Typically, the washer and dryer combo, as it comes from the definition, has the same difficulties as a conventional washing machine and a dryer combined. That means that problems with overheating, underheating and ventilation add up. Any of these faults can be repaired quickly and efficiently, including new components installation if required.

Obviously, each kind of washing machine requires specialized care, which our techs can perform. Our staff are experts in automatic washer repair, regardless of how tough the situation may be. Because we provide a full warranty on all of our services, we assure the safety of your appliance.

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Washer troubleshooting as efficient as it can be

Laundry machine repair might be an expensive job, but not with Alpha Appliance. Our pricing is reasonable and will fit into any budget. Furthermore, we not only supply our clients with high-quality repairs, but we also assist them in selecting and installing washing machine repair components.

You may entrust your household appliances to us since we only recruit experts with more than 10 years of expertise in the industry. Our contact center representatives are well trained and would gladly answer your questions you may have about your home appliance, no matter what you face – from the washing machine not spinning to active drainage overflow.

To improve our service, we have created a comprehensive system of promotions and special deals that will make your wallet glad. Call us immediately for prompt and best washing machine repair! You can be sure that your device will be glad to have a ticket to a new trouble-free life!

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