Our Brampton appliance repair is about quality & warranty

Most repair businesses require waiting for days on end for the handymen to come. But not Alpha Appliance! Our company works with the same-day swift appliance repair policy in Brampton, providing the services just minutes after you have booked them. In need of an urgent repair or replacement? Alpha Appliance is on guard day and night, waiting to answer your emergency calls. We will arrive just in time and will not let the damage spread.

How do we know that the quality of our service is the best in the area? It is because we hire only those technicians who have at least a decade of involvement in the fixing of domestic gadgets. All of them have detailed knowledge of all known brands.

It is highly unlikely for anything to go amiss in your unit after Alpha Appliance has repaired it. But if it does, we take full responsibility for it and provide you with a warranty that covers everything we do. In addition to that, our highly-trained call operators will guide you through any inquiries you might need help with and even tell you how to solve an issue with your domestic devices!

And as if the above-mentioned reasons were not enough for you to pick up your phone and call us immediately, we have another one – our prices! The cost of our service is so affordable that your wallet will thank you for this. Furthermore, all of our customers can make use of our extensive discounts, special offers, and coupon system available to see on our website. The remaining money, after Alpha Appliance repairs, for example, your refrigerator, will be enough to stuff it with food for 2 weeks!
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Want to fix your appliances in Brampton ASAP? We can help!

We specialize in repairing various devices, from fridges and dishwashers to tumble dryers and stoves. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to handle any appliance repair needs, regardless of the make or model.

Refrigerator & freezer

Because this massive box operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is prone to failure. It is difficult to prevent problems, and ignoring or eradicating them on your own might have a negative impact on the device’s functionality.

Call us if you see the following problems:

  • The refrigerator or freezer has stopped working;
  • Compressor makes unusual noises or leaks coolant;
  • Doors will not close, seal, or stay closed;
  • The device does not retain temperature settings.

For many years, we fix the major and minor appliances in Brampton. Call us for a wide variety of services at a reasonable price.

Oven & stove

Making and baking a huge meat and fish meal for the whole family or a large cake for a birthday celebration is pleasurable. And the stove is our closest friend in carrying out this mission.

Unfortunately, owners periodically face this device’s failure both in commercial restaurants and domestic kitchens.

  • The oven will is not powered on while the electricity supply is ok;
  • The burner or another component is not working correctly;
  • The stove door cannot be opened or closed;
  • The food inside the oven heats unevenly;
  • The stove is incapable of igniting or heating;
  • The self-cleaning feature is not functioning;
  • Some modes, functions, switches, and displays are not operational;
  • Convection blowers are either very loud or do not work at all.

If your oven acts up in any way or breaks down, contact our emergency home appliance repair services right immediately. We are well-trained and ready to deal with any problems that may arise.

Washing machine

Long-term use of a washing machine may often result in leaking, and the only method to remedy this problem is to dismantle the washer. If you lack the essential expertise, it is better to contact the service center as soon as possible for assistance if you face the following.

  • The washer fails to start spinning;
  • Water leaking from the front or underneath the washer;
  • The door or lid cannot be fully opened or closed;
  • Certain functionalities or cycles are no longer accessible;
  • During operation, unusual sounds or odours may occur.

Because this item is an essential member of our whole home appliance group, it is critical to give it skilled maintenance.


There are various options when it comes to troubles with your garments dryer. For example, the gadget may produce a variety of noises or fail to start or heat up at all.

  • No heat to dry clothes;
  • It reaches a certain temperature but does not spin;
  • The machine makes frequent mistakes;
  • It generates a lot of vibration;
  • A burned odour or smoke is emitted during the operation.

It is crucial not to disregard these symptoms since doing so may necessitate the replacement of the whole piece of equipment. The only way to extend the life of your item is to employ experienced appliance repair services.


A dishwasher is a gadget that requires little attention and effort from the user: just put the plates into it and switch it on. This simplicity of use, however, might be misleading. It is not uncommon for an issue to arise when you least expect it:

  • The dishwashing machine is not starting;
  • The door cannot be closed or shut correctly;
  • Error codes are shown;
  • Some functions aren’t accessible;
  • It does not remove food odours from plates;
  • The dishwasher produces odd sounds.

If you see any signs of a problem, don’t hesitate to call our Alpha Appliance troubleshooting service in Brampton. We deal with all sorts of dishwashers, including built-in and portable models. If you have any queries or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.