Don’t go far for your Maytag appliances repair!

According to a survey from hundreds of repair experts, Maytag is among the three most trusted and reliable household appliance brands. The goal of the company is to provide things that last. But not forever, like absolutely any other piece of technology. The more advanced your appliance is, the more sophisticated and complex construction it has, and therefore requires expert hands should a breakdown occur.

Our team is committed to being a market leader by delivering end-to-end Maytag appliance repair services. Our team is composed of top technicians who are devoted to perfecting the quality of their service continuously and are capable of fixing the toughest breakdowns in a matter of hours, applying the most advanced technology available. We can safely claim to service any type or model of Maytag products.

For decades, we have been working hard to keep our customers at their best by innovating and implementing new technology to keep up with the times. You will surely get the solutions you need, with a transparent Maytag troubleshooting procedure and no hidden fees. These are just a few of the many benefits of choosing our company to repair your Maytag appliance!

Book our service online or call us anytime, even on weekends and holidays – we’re eagerly waiting to bring your device back to life.

maytag refrigerator repair service

Maytag fridge repair

best maytag fridge repair near me

We realize that time is of the essence when your food is going bad. That’s why we provide immediate emergency Maytag fridge repair services, so you can get the repair done right away! The typical issues we fix are:

  • Not cooling. Dirty condenser coil, malfunctioning starting relay, a defective thermostat, faulty compressor, temperature control board, or starting capacitor might be to blame.
  • Not defrosting. The common reasons are defrost control board malfunction, defective defrost timer or thermostat, defrost heater assembly burned out or
  • main control board breakdown.
  • Leaking. Clogged or frozen defrost drain, blocked water inlet valve, cracked or broken water filter element, missing water filter head may cause the issue.

At Alpha Appliance, your busted Maytag refrigerator will be in peak condition again within a couple of hours.

certified maytag dishwasher repair near me

Maytag dishwasher repair

maytag repairs dishwasher

If you are experiencing problems with your dishwasher, don’t hesitate to contact us for fast and reliable Maytag dishwasher repair. We have the expertise to diagnose and fix a wide range of problems, such as:

  • The dishwasher won’t start. Faulty door latch, door switch, or timer can be the cause.
  • The dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes properly. The common reasons are clogged spray arm, malfunctioning water inlet valve, or a defective motor.
  • The dishwasher is making strange noises. A damaged wash impeller, worn-out pump motor bearings, or a broken circulation pump can cause unusual sounds.
  • The dishwasher is leaking. Broken door gasket, worn out pump seal, or a damaged inlet valve can be the reason.

Let your Maytag dishwasher run like new with Alpha Appliance!

maytag washing machine repair service

Maytag washing machine repair

authorized maytag washer repair near me

No one enjoys washing clothes by hand. That is why washer breakdown is normally an urgent matter. We will minimize your frustration with a faulty Maytag washer and restore it to working order fast and cost-effectively. We deal with the following breakdowns most often:

  • Not draining. Broken or worn belt, defective drain pump, plugged hose, faulty door lock, clogged coin trap are the most typical issues.
  • Overflowing. Defective water inlet valve or pressure switch, as well as banal low water pressure, may be the reason.
  • Excessive noise and vibration. Defective suspension rod, support bracket, shock absorber or bearing may provoke the issue or levelling foot may simply not be adjusted.

A 90-day labour warranty covers all our Maytag washing machine repair services, so you do not overpay twice. In addition, you can always expect a free service call with restorations.

maytag clothes dryer repair service

Maytag dryer repair

repair maytag dryer

If your Maytag dryer is not working properly, you can rely on Alpha Appliance to diagnose and repair it promptly. Some of the most common issues that we handle are:

  • The dryer isn’t heating up. Faulty heating element, thermal fuse, or thermostat, broken gas valve coils in gas dryers may provoke the problem.
  • The dryer won’t turn on. A broken door switch, timer or start switch, or a malfunctioning motor may be to blame.
  • The dryer drum isn’t spinning. A broken drive belt, faulty motor, or defective roller support wheels may be the cause.

Our customers are treated with utmost respect and concern, which is the reason we have continued to thrive in this business for decades.

maytag oven repair service near me

Maytag stove & oven repair

maytag electric and gas stove repair

When your stove suddenly malfunctions, you are literally burning through your budget. With our diligent and skilled crew, your appliance will be repaired thoroughly and quickly at minimum cost. Here are the most common stove and oven problems we fix:

  • Not heating up. Burnt out frying element, no power supply, blown wire connections, faulty or defective relay board may be to blame.
  • Stove broiler malfunctioning. Burnt out broiling element, defective safety valve, loose wire connections may provoke the issue.
  • Oven fan runs non-stop. The convection motor needs to be checked, as well as the thermostat or control board.

Our skilled team is a standard when it comes to Maytag stove or oven repair. Our seasoned technicians are certified, bonded and insured. The vans are packed with the most common Maytag parts and equipment, so your repair will be completed quickly, safely, and efficiently.