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Every laundry or any other service business largely depends on washing machines. Without them, it is quite difficult to organize the quality work of the establishment because everything should be as clean as possible, and the washing machine is not the last device contributing to this. Although modern machines have a reasonably long service life, the occurrence of breakdowns sometimes cannot be avoided.

Alpha Appliance takes an active part in ensuring the quality functioning of devices in establishments in major cities of Canada. We try to fix problems in the best way possible to ensure our customers get the perfect result.

Prior to commercial washing machine repair, the appliance will be thoroughly inspected for other breakdowns. If problems are found, you should immediately contact the specialists: the longer the repair is postponed, the worse it is for the device. Our price is available to everyone.

Our professionals can repair any type of commercial washer

We work with every kind of commercial washers, including:

commercial washing machine repair service

Washer Extractor

This model has a reasonably high spin speed, distinguishing it from conventional washing machines. The centrifuge size is worth mentioning: this machine holds about 30 times more laundry than a regular one; thus, if the device receives a heavy load, which leads to breakdowns. The most frequently occurred issues:

  • it isn’t launching;
  • weird noise while operating;
  • slow or poor drainage;
  • it is vibrating too much.

Front-load and top-load

Like home washing machines, commercial washing machines vary in how they load laundry. The front-loading ones are considered more reliable but more challenging to use.

Of course, doors can break in both types of appliances, requiring attention from a specialist. We repair the following malfunctions related to this device:

  • Water does not fill the washer;
  • Water is leaking;
  • The washer won’t drain.

Stackable washer and dryer

This device is known for its practicality and ergonomics. With it, you can do everything at once: both wash and dry. But its breakdowns are generally similar to other types of washers. For example, during the operation of the device, noise may be observed, which indicates a faulty bearing.

We at Alpha Appliance can rapidly help you forget about the following common complications with this sort of device:

  • Troubles with launching;
  • Incorrect spinning of the drum;
  • Poor or slow drainage.

Washer-dryer combo

The most common problem with this type of device is a non-rotating drum. In this case, there can be many culprits. For instance, a broken drive belt or damaged drum glide can be why your unit behaves in such a way.

Our technician can quickly solve those troubles in a couple of hours. They possess comprehensive knowledge, allowing for reducing the issue most efficiently. Seek our commercial washer repair service right now!

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Why choose our laundry machine repair service?

Our commercial laundry troubleshooting approach is available for all establishments. We provide our help for laundries and cafes, hotels and hospitals, etc. Our main aim is to help your establishment return to the normal workflow as quickly as possible.

Great reasons to cooperate with Alpha Appliance:

  • Only professionals who know how to fix problems in the most effective way deal with your particular issue. We also perform coin-operated laundry machine repair, we can solve all your appliance issues in a minute.
  • We provide a 3-month, and if something goes wrong after our repair, we guarantee a free secondary repair.
  • All team members have a wide range of technical knowledge and easily cope with even the most complex tasks.
  • In most cases, we use parts made directly by the manufacturer to replace a broken item. This is a guarantee of the extended life of the device.

If you really need the best industrial washing machine repair, don’t ever hesitate to contact us! Don’t let the unforeseen disruptions slow your business down!


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