Don’t go far for your Electrolux appliances repair!

Because appliances are crucial to the efficient functioning of our daily lives, one malfunction can be very frustrating. With this in mind, our team has developed a fantastic set of services that allow us to perform the necessary Electrolux appliance repair quickly and inexpensively.

Alpha Appliance is proof that “no hidden costs” is not just a good-looking phrase but a genuine chance to pick the best solution for your wallet. Due to our policy, a sky-high restoration cost isn’t something to be worried about.

We guarantee that you’ll know the final price of our services before the technician grabs the tool into their hands. Furthermore, our professionals can always offer you less expensive alternatives and free service calls with restorations.

Before the restoration, we listen to the customer’s wishes and assess the breakage and its solution professionally. You can expect politeness on our part and many valuable tips on avoiding breakdowns in the future.

Moreover, all types of services are covered by a complete labour warranty, so you don’t have to worry that the device will break down again – we will come back and take the necessary actions at no charge.

electrolux refrigerator repair service

Electrolux fridge repair

best electrolux fridge repair near me

Our Electrolux fridge repair technicians are knowledgeable about all models of refrigerators. Call us if something has gone wrong and your unit is not working properly or if you see any warning signs that it may soon stop working. For example:

  • Temperatures too warm;
  • Freezing food;
  • Water leaking;
  • Excessive frost in freezer;
  • Ice maker not working;
  • No water or ice on the dispenser;
  • Refrigerator making excessive noise;
  • Compressor not running.

In order to ensure longer durability, we can also provide you with advice on how to operate and maintain your refrigerator properly.

certified electrolux dishwasher repair near me

Electrolux dishwasher repair

electrolux repairs dishwasher

One of the most popular household appliances is the washing machine. However, until it breaks down, most homeowners don’t realize how important this equipment is. Call us to make an appointment if you need 24/7 Electrolux dishwasher repair. We deal with following issues:

  • Dishwasher is not filling with water;
  • It is not draining;
  • The detergent is failing to release;
  • Dishes are dirty;
  • Wet dishes at the end of the cycle;
  • The dishwasher is noisy;
  • The cycle will not start.

We believe that trust and dependability are essential to creating a lasting relationship with our clients. This is reflected in a 90-day warranty we offer on all repairs.

electrolux washing machine repair service

Electrolux washing machine repair

authorized electrolux washer repair near me

Have a ton of dirty clothes that need to be washed, but your washer won’t turn on? It has turned on, but it doesn’t appear to be functioning properly? We are prepared to serve you right now! Any issue can be solved by one of our skilled Electrolux washing machine repair specialists, for instance:

  • Blocked pumps;
  • Snapped belts;
  • Pressure system faults;
  • Door gasket replacements;
  • Problems with the spin cycle;
  • It won’t heat;
  • Damaged or faulty spray arms.

As soon as you get in touch with us, we’ll send a helpful specialist to your home or place of work. Our trustworthy specialists can help you whether your model is front-loading or top-loading.

electrolux clothes dryer repair service

Electrolux dryer repair

repair electrolux dryer

When using dryers, nothing is more annoying than damp clothes. Our Electrolux dryer repair service will maintain your unit in good operating order and prevent frequent appliance issues:

  • Several cycles are required for drying;
  • Dryer makes unusual or squeaking noises;
  • The dryer will not begin a cycle;
  • There is no heat;
  • The barrel is not tumbling.

Our qualified professionals can repair any issue that a dryer may have, and they can fix it promptly and affordably.

electrolux oven repair service near me

Electrolux stove & oven repair

electrolux electric and gas stove repair

If you need same-day Electrolux oven or stove repair, call us and explain the problem. We have been in business for decades and have helped thousands of homes and businesses with stove-related issues. By calling our specialist, you can get rid of the following:

  • Inability to maintain temperature;
  • Timer does not work;
  • It is overheating;
  • Lack of heat;
  • Broken knobs;
  • Cracked glass range;
  • Problems with cooktop.

Time is precious, so rest assured that our craftsmen will fix your Electrolux device in no time.