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Despite the widespread use of electrical devices, the gas system is still popular among average homeowners and owners of any establishment. At the same time, any breakage will significantly slow your business, and you will lose your money. In time, it is possible to prevent such consequences by using assistance from Alpha Appliance. Call us or book an appointment on our website – we will help you with the following:

Gas stove / cooktop

Usually, the problematic place of this device is always on the top – is a surface burner. There are many symptoms of breakage: weak burner flame, it won’t light, the pilot light goes out, noisy surface burning flame or gas odour in the room. The latest informs you that our fast cooking gas stove repair professional should come to you as soon as possible. We will replace ignition switches or other modules by doing all the work on a first-class level.

Gas range

Using in the same business as stoves, gas ranges regularly fail due to their constant operation. In most cases, we believe that a faulty thermostat is the cause of many of its faults. It is the basis of the device, and in situations where the range is not heating, the temperature isn’t accurate etc., its replacement may be the best solution. In any case, we’ll run a diagnostic and ensure nothing else affects its proper work.

Gas dryer

Unlike its electrical analogue, this model has its own restoration features that we consider. For example, if your device isn’t heating, the cause may be faulty gas valve solenoid coils, igniter, blown thermal fuse or problems with gas supply to the dryer. In the first three cases, we will perform the replacement of wear-out spare parts, and in the last one, we will check the strength and pressure of gas lines. Don’t try to test the gas supply on your own because you risk your property and your health.

Gas oven

Customers contact us saying that their oven won’t heat to the right temperature, fails to heat, and has delayed ignition. Also, they smell a gas odour while the device is lit. We guarantee that none of these reasons will become a problem for the best commercial gas oven repair, and any replacement will be done quickly. In order to detect the breakage correctly, you may need a multimeter, which will always be in our backpack.

Gas fryer

Our team believes that in the event of a malfunction of this device, the first thing to pay attention to is a broken thermopile. If it does not work correctly, the pilot light also becomes ineffective, which causes fryer oil not to heat. Call our commercial gas fryer repair technician to quickly and efficiently solve the problem and please your own customers.

Gas tandoor

This device takes into account the peculiarities of national cooking, which in turn has an impact on the internal mechanism. In order not to damage anything, call our specialist in time. We always have a lot of spare parts in stock that won’t make you wait for our next appearance. Any overheating will be eliminated in the shortest possible time.

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Get commercial gas equipment repairs for any brand

Our main advantage is that our commercial gas appliance troubleshooting covers many facilities – we are ready to arrive at your cafe, restaurant, bakery, hotel, bar, pizzeria etc. Each of our professionals has at least 10 years of work experience and completed extensive apprenticeships to be certified to work with gas equipment.

As you can see above, our expertise covers almost all known types of devices, including the performing commercial gas tandoor repair services. Furthermore, no malfunctions will be left alone, and every restoration will be insured by a labour warranty.

We position ourselves as a team that is ready to help you in a 24/7 mode. By calling our contact center anytime, you can learn more about the services you are interested in, such as commercial gas range fix. Choose us and get lots of discounts!

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