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The fridge is now an essential component of any contemporary household. When it comes to choosing such a device, most modern people take it seriously and that’s for a reason. Because their price is relatively high, and you do not purchase them too often. Refrigerators should last at least 5-10 years. However, your appliance may fail sooner than intended because of incorrect usage or random manufacturer product failures. Some fridge parts become outdated over time, which has a substantial influence on their functional longevity.

The best approach to extend the life of your unit is to refer to our cheap fridge repair company for high-quality same-day service. We understand the importance of having a working fridge, especially during hot summers. That’s why we offer quick and efficient repair services to ensure that our clients don’t have to go without one for long. Whether it’s a broken compressor, damaged gaskets or a malfunctioning thermostat, our skilled technicians can diagnose and fix any problem with ease.

What refrigerator types do we fix?

We fix the following types of refrigerators:


These are some of the most widely known designs on the market. Their most popular kinds (french door, side-by-side, etc.) may be found in practically every Canadian home, although this has no bearing on how difficult they may be to repair. Common problems occurring with free-standing models include excessive interior warmth and door faults.

These issues may need the use of expert equipment, which is not usually accessible to regular residents. Our local technicians have the required refrigerator repair components and will do everything to repair your device in one go and on the same day you’ve applied.


Unlike the preceding one, this kind of fridge is just gaining popularity. However, because of the device’s intricate setup, it might be difficult to locate the defect as you don’t see the early indicators of collapse (main components are hidden inside your kitchen facade, you don’t even hear the unusual sounds of your fridge emits).

Self-repair is not an option for such fridge equipment since you risk damaging other elements of the gadget as well as your kitchen furniture during the process.

Wine chiller

This refrigerator differs from previous models as its name denotes a certain utilization technique. It has to keep a certain temperature permanently to maintain the entrusted noble drink.

In addition to regular compressor difficulties caused by overheating or a lack of electricity to start, these devices have thermostat and capacitor issues, which influence the previously stated compressor. As a consequence, the gadget does not adequately chill the wine.

You will need to engage a trained fridge fix expert to service or repair this refrigerator equipment fast and efficiently.

Ice Maker

Any Canadian kitchen would benefit greatly from the installation of an ice machine. However, like other kinds of refrigerators, this one has common faults and unique repair challenges it may get you acquainted with. You may find that the gadget is no longer producing ice or that the generated ice has an unpleasant flavour.

If the temperature check and repeated adjustments did not solve the problem, we suspect that the ice maker may have a malfunctioning water inlet valve. In certain circumstances, the issue is caused by a clogged filter. Our refrigerator technician will happily help you with its replacement and other refrigeration equipment repair at any time.

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Why should you hire our refrigerator technicians?

Nowadays, there are many repair companies and individual specialists on the market. Unfortunately, we still face cases when unqualified «experts» repair the device so that they need to be redone. So why don’t you just pick those who will do their job right the first time?

We appreciate your time

When it comes to fixing kitchen equipment, every second matters since a sudden water seepage from beneath the refrigerator might spoil your flooring, flood your basement and thuswise disrupt your plans for the following day. Our local refrigeration professionals are available on all occasions.

We respond promptly to the request and will do everything to complete the required diagnostics and repairs asap and in one go, just on-site. Because your time is of the utmost importance to us, please contact us as soon as you discover the first signs of a problem to order same day refrigerator repair.

Our expertise is your main companion

Alpha Appliance has a significant client base, tons of 5+ internet reviews, and hundreds of successfully repaired appliances. We assure that our professionals only utilize the most up-to-date technology, proper tools, and proven techniques. Furthermore, before fixing a problem, we always run a complete check to figure out any other potential issues with the equipment.

In addition, a substantial service guarantee is offered for all types of repairs and maintenance, making our service almost one-of-a-kind. When replacing working components, our refrigerator expert strictly applies authentic parts from the manufacturing brand. Our best fridge repair is based on providing efficient and high-quality service.

We help you save money

Our major objective is to turn high-quality kitchen gadget repair services as affordable as possible. For this reason, the repair cost is among the most reasonable on the market. Additionally, special deals and discount coupons can save you money on services for which other firms would charge a lot. Our work is built on efficiency and flexibility, and our service fee will undoubtedly delight you.

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