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Kitchen and laundry gear regularly break down. It’s common in today’s reality, and there’s no way around it, as no machinery may ever be unbreakable and last forever. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford to buy new products on a routine basis. However, your appliance’s lifespan can be seriously continued. Entrusting this tricky task to our Edmonton appliance repair service is approachable to the ordinary Canadian and guarantees trouble-free operation of your household devices.

Long-term failure of any household equipment may make life difficult and, in extreme cases, even ruin other items placed in the house and connected to malfunctioning one (for example, if your washing machine will clog the drain line shared with the dishwasher, that grants you a double-trouble chain reaction).

We can help you with your residential problems. We repair and service all popular household appliances, from small appliance repair to large-scale renovations in Edmonton. If you want skilled same-day appliance repair, give us a call! We are always happy to help.

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Fix your home appliances in Edmonton with us

Through continuous training, our pros are familiar with all the major brands and makes of home appliances. We are ready to handle any request, no matter how big or small. As part of our extensive services, we do all of the following and more to make sure your device is working at its peak:

Dishwasher repair

Dishwashers are becoming commonplace in urban houses. You merely need to fill it with a cleaning agent and hit a few buttons to save a considerable amount of time. What will you do if such a useful kitchen appliance fails? Drop your plans and rush washing dishes by hand? That’s not a long-term option for today, as our expert can ease your troubles away faster than you’ll handle that massive dirty skillet. So, call us if you see:

  • The lid can not shut or open correctly;
  • The dishwasher is spilling water;
  • Warning notifications are shown;
  • It does not clean all food residues from the dishes;
  • It produces strange sounds.
Refrigerator repair

It is impossible to imagine contemporary life without a fridge. All of your culinary abilities depend massively on this frosty closet. Otherwise, food would deteriorate and lose flavour in a couple of hours. Since we use the refrigerator 24/7/365, it is not uncommon for it to wear down with time and fall apart unexpectedly.

You may experience the next difficulties:

  • The compressor makes strange noises or spills refrigerant;
  • The doors will not fasten, slide, or shut correctly;
  • The freezer is unable to defrost.

If the case is not fixed properly, not only will the products be defrosted, but the electrical consumption may be raised. In this case, you will be taxed a monthly power bill that is many times more than the one-time expense of repairing the refrigerator.

Freezer repair

Freezers are often seen as components of a contemporary fridge. You may also buy stand-alone units for further convenience in storing foods. Freezers occasionally fail since they run 24 hours a day too.

  • The freezer is incapable of defrosting;
  • The freezer is too cold;
  • Everything inside the freezer is too warm;
  • It is creating an unusual noise.
Washing machine repair

The washer is a necessary part of most people’s daily life. Some people believe that small defects have little influence on the washing machine and prefer to apply to servicemen only after the device has completely stopped operating. We can claim this is incorrect, and as a consequence, we provide Edmonton appliance fix services to prevent future problems like:

  • Leakage of liquid from the washer lid;
  • The lid is not properly unlocked or sealed;
  • The washer is unable to load, drain, or spin;
  • Strange vibrations or smells emerge during the operation.
Oven repair

Here is a list of the most frequent oven issues that you should not ignore:

  • The heat source is not functioning correctly;
  • The oven door cannot be securely opened or latched;
  • The oven components are unable to ignite or heat;
  • The self-cleaning function is not operating;
  • Various settings, features, buttons, or displays fail to act properly;
  • The airflow turbine is either very noisy or can not run at all.
Stove Repair

Few would doubt that the cooktop is one of the most crucial components in every kitchen – how far will you be able to push your home cuisine without it? It’s an opportunity for many of us to treat ourselves to a delicious supper. Where to go if a similar collapse occurs:

  • The electric coils do not heat up, temperature adjustment of the burners is problematic;
  • When the cooktop is powered on, sparks are released;
  • The cooktop’s indicator lights are not functioning;
  • The cooktop’s electric coils have broken.

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Our appliance technicians in Edmonton are always ready to help

As one couldn’t imagine his household life without properly working appliances, we just couldn’t wait to create the most reliable and trustworthy same-day appliance repair team in Edmonton.

  • Our repairmen are skilful and trained to perform on top. Having all the necessary licenses, diplomas, certificates and, most important, knowledge!
  • Our customer support service is kept in step – not only do they know how to act when facing different malfunctions, but they also know how to treat our beloved clients well and speak clearly.
  • Discounts? Promos? Special offers? We have it coming out of our ears! We are based in south Edmonton has gone a long path to make the repair service affordable for any of our neighbours living here. We don’t charge extra, but only for the jobs done. And done well.

Have any questions left? Get on the phone and reach our customer center – we’re happy to eliminate your household troubles and make you happy – that’s in our true nature!