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Any restaurant, cafe, bar, nursing home, or school kitchen must have dishwashers. They are vital to keeping dishes and pots and pans sanitized and clean, even though they are often overlooked or at the back of the line when it comes to caring.

When these devices fail or break down, it may literally stop the working process of any business. To ensure proper dishwashing and maintain a supply of clean pots and pans, more employees will be needed. Call Alpha Appliance’s commercial dishwasher technician for quality service and repairs.

Our knowledgeable experts will respond to any of your questions regarding retail dishwasher repairs. We take great pride in the fact that we have been in this business for years, and we have never come across a circumstance that was too complicated for us to manage. Alpha Appliance is committed to providing the highest calibre of client service at a fair price.

We value your time and work quickly to have your equipment serviced. Our professionals will guide you through the entire process while describing our exact costs. By employing our cheap commercial dishwasher repair service, which can bring your unit back in working condition before you miss it, you may avoid having to purchase a new appliance.

Our experienced team can fix any type of commercial dishwasher

It is known that a skilled professional should service a commercial dishwasher because it is a sophisticated piece of equipment. Every day, all types of dishwashers are repaired and serviced by our specialists. In order to prevent the issue from bothering you any time soon, we will promptly diagnose it and offer a suitable remedy. We deal with:

industrial dishwasher repair service

Undercounter dishwasher

These types of devices are considered the most popular and used in places like churches, bars, cafés, and eateries. They are relatively small and portable. We, at Alpha Appliance, can easily make you forget about such common issues you can encounter with this type of device:

  • Unclean dishes after the cycle;
  • Leftover food on dishes;
  • White or cloudy glasses;
  • Dishes are not fully dry;
  • Dishwasher is not draining correctly.

All you need to get fast undercounter dishwasher repair is to call Alpha Appliance.

Door dishwasher

These are among the most popular kinds of commercial dishwashers owing to their small dimensions and adaptability. They can wash up to 60 racks. The main feature of this kind of dishwasher is a door that you may keep open until you’ve loaded a rack, slide it inside the appliance, shut the door, and retrieve clean dishes a short while later.

Recently these kinds of devices have greatly improved in efficiency and effectiveness, reducing washing cycles’ water costs, the number of racks cleaned per hour, and cleaning times. Nevertheless, all machines eventually need servicing and maintenance.

Alpha Appliance will easily deal with such problems in no time as:

  • Door safety switch malfunction. To get the problem fixed, get in touch with our certified expert.
  • Start switch malfunction. If the start switch is damaged, the only way out is to call an expert.
  • Overload protector tripped. Have a qualified technician reset the overload in the control box to get rid of the issue.

Bar glass washer

The most widespread type, which combines the strength of a commercial dishwasher with a gentle water flow to prevent even the most delicate types of glassware, like wine and martini glasses, from breaking. It can be useful in kitchens and bars with a lot of glassware because glasses are more delicate than other types of dishes.

Bar glass washers are prone to malfunction due to hard load so repair services are required to eliminate any breakdown, including poor draining issues, faulty electrics & no power and many more. All repairs will be performed promptly, saving you time and money.

Conveyor dishwasher

These types of dishwashers can wash from 125 to 360 racks of dirty dishes every hour and come in one, two, and three-tank types. The racks travel through each stage of the automated wash and rinse cycle on a continuous chain conveyor. The machine is operated by an operator who simply loads the racks one by one. But when the malfunction occurs, you need to rely on someone who can fix the issue immediately.

Alpha Appliance experts can eliminate the following issues with the conveyor dishwasher:

  • Dishwasher won’t run;
  • No or low water;
  • Washing results are poor;
  • Wash cycle is too long;
  • Dishwasher conveyor won’t run.

Glasswashers, dishwashers, ovens and other culinary equipment are just a few of the commercial catering equipment that Alpha Appliance offers maintenance for. To enable quick repairs of your equipment, we keep in store all main commercial catering equipment replacement parts.

Our team, which is always expanding, is enthusiastic about offering its clients a variety of industries servicing, repairs, installation, and scheduled maintenance for catering equipment.


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