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If you run a business, especially in the food service industry, refrigeration units are vital for daily operations. In fact, it can be one of the most crucial investments you make in your business. The risks associated with malfunctioning cooling equipment can quickly turn from an embarrassing hassle to spoiling food ahead of time and throwing it in the trash.

Industrial refrigeration systems can be massive and complex, requiring proper maintenance to keep them running. Sometimes, something fails or stops functioning, especially in equipment that needs to run around the clock. You need it fixed and fast. That’s when you require someone you can rely on 24/7, with a proven track record of success.

Alpha Appliance has been doing commercial refrigerator repair services for decades. We have gained expertise in this field and become the most trustworthy and successful service provider in the area.

Our team is composed of highly qualified specialists who can analyze your situation, offer a variety of solutions and carry out your choices in accordance with international safety and quality standards. We are well aware that when a problem emerges, it costs you a lot of money.

Models of commercial refrigerators we work on

Our skilled technicians are experts in all types of commercial refrigerators your company uses on a daily basis. Find out more about our cooling equipment maintenance below.

Hotel ice machine

Whether you run a hotel or a restaurant, serve chilled drinks in a coffee shop, bar or beverage station, you need ice – often and lots of it! Commercial ice machines are designed to produce large quantities of ice within 24 hours quickly, so it’s not surprising that they are vulnerable to breakdowns like rough ice, defective compressor, disconnected water hose, and freezing up.

Undercounter fridge

If you don’t have enough room for an upright fridge, you might consider an undercounter commercial refrigerator as your space-saving solution! An undercounter refrigerator is ideal for use in a diner, pizzeria, sandwich store, restaurant kitchen or bar where space is always tight.

Common undercounter malfunctions include temperature issues, control problems, defective accessories, overheating of the appliance, frost forming inside the appliance or leaking.

Reach in refrigerator

These refrigerators are present in nearly every food service establishment, from the typical restaurant to produce stores, cafeterias and other large business models. Failure to maintain proper temperature, ice buildup, evaporator fan issues and lighting problems are the most frequent breakdowns that might bother you.

Bar Cooler

Our team has everything you need to keep the drinks “on ice” for your visitors! We have dealt with every possible issue, from freezing the beverages to not cooling at all. For fast commercial fridge repair, no better solution can be found!

Display fridge

When your customers come to look at your products, make sure they’re exposed in a clear, top-notch working refrigerated display case. From recessed cabinets that will free up space in your sales floor to tabletop and floor-standing models, they all need capable hands to stay in perfect working order.

commercial fridge repair service

You may not often think about your refrigerators, but they are absolutely essential to the success of your business. Emergency repairs can be expensive, not to mention the potential loss of perishable food and your customers’ trust.

Whether your problem is a leaking fridge or you need a simple gasket replacement, we’re here to help! Our company is proud to provide a full range of refrigeration repair services to businesses throughout the area!

Full commercial refrigerator troubleshooting

What makes us special? We know that no one ever expects their equipment to let them down, so we are ready to come to your rescue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our goal is to extend the lifespan of your device and secure your investment, so we provide a comprehensive warranty on all of our services. Every commercial fridge technician is professionally trained to work on various brands of fridges.

Our repairs are fast, effective and neat. Because most of the equipment is right in our vans, we can get the job done on the spot, and we always leave the worksite cleaner than we found it. We guarantee cost-effective commercial fridge fix and maintenance to prevent you from unnecessary expenses.

If you have a malfunctioning unit, the cost of lost clients, not to mention the inventory, can be enormous. Make sure your equipment is doing its job – discover our service and put your concerns to rest!

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