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The main task of any laundry and dry cleaning service is to provide fast and high-quality service to its customers. The primary device in these establishments, of course, is a washing machine. But this device cannot complete the tasks mentioned above. Commercial dryers always help us to quickly get clothes or bedding to a dry condition suitable for use.

The dryers in your facility withstand a significant number of uses. And no wonder: commercial dryers can withstand a considerable load on themselves, but still, breakdowns can not be avoided due to certain circumstances.

The devices are pretty different, so the approach in terms of repair for them should be appropriate. Our company has been providing commercial dryer repair service for many years. Arriving at your establishment, we conduct a thorough diagnostics of the device to know precisely the essence of the problem and all possible ways to solve it.

You can be 100% sure of the result by ordering our professional repair. Everything will be accomplished with high quality, regardless of the degree of damage, the type of dryer and its manufacturer.

What types of commercial dryers do we work with?

As mentioned earlier, each type of commercial dryer has its nuances. The difference in the repair is most clearly seen by comparing electric and gas devices. Therefore, these two examples will explain all the basic nuances.

Сommercial gas dryer

In this type of dryer, the parts most prone to breakage are the thermal fuse and burner coils. Over time, due to certain factors, the thermal fuse can burn out, and then when the dryer overheats, electric current can continue to be supplied, which can lead to irreversible consequences.

Сommercial electric dryer

The main component of the electric dryer is the heating element. It is responsible for many processes in this device, so its repair must be urgent to ensure further stable operation.

electric and gas commercial dryer repair servicesWhen repairing, we always try to use original spare parts from the manufacturer of the fixed device. Therefore, you can be sure of the dryer’s long service life even after repair. Our fast commercial electric and gas dryer repair is the prerequisite for comprehensive malfunction elimination.

Why our appliance company is the best choice for industrial dryer repair

There are many companies for reliable industrial dryer repair, but we assure you that Alpha Appliance’s advantages will not leave you indifferent. So look at them and see for yourself!

  • Even when the repairs are finished, we continue to assist our clients for a considerable time. Nevertheless, there are situations where a second review of your gadget is required, and our firm makes every effort to be there at the appropriate moment.
  • Our commercial dryer technician knows all the subtleties of his business, so we guarantee the speed and quality of repairs.
  • Our repair covers all well-known global and local brands. Only OEM parts are used when repairing, which we order from the original manufacturer.

quality industrial dryer repair near me

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