Local Electrolux dryer repair service you can rely on!

The consequences of broken dryers for modern homeowners cannot be overestimated. Often, this results not only in general inconvenience and daily routine disruption but also in higher energy costs. At Alpha Appliance, we have a win-win decision for your most annoying dryer issues โ€” our Electrolux dryer repair services, which are available for both residential and commercial needs.ย 

We only hire trained and certified technicians who understand all aspects of modern repair work. In addition to state-of-the-art tools and methods, we also apply only authentic spare parts to deliver efficient and durable solutions. Whether gas or electric, your dryer will always receive first-class service without hidden fees โ€” call us now or book exceptional assistance online!

How can our licensed Electrolux dryer technicians help you with your broken device?

Based on our experience, any visible dryer malfunction cause is always located deep inside the appliance. Whether it is an overheating, tripped circuit breaker or drum issue, our experts will do thorough diagnostics on the dryer, inspecting not only its main parts but also any other possible trouble spots. By providing this careful examination, our team will be well-equipped to deal with the following problems:

Clothes take too long to dry

If your Electrolux dryer takes longer than normal to dry clothing, it might be caused by a malfunctioning heating element or blocked vents. Our professionals will clean and examine the vent system and check the heating element to ensure ideal airflow and efficient drying.

Dryer making loud or unusual noises

When your dryer starts making strange sounds, it usually happens because of a worn-out belt, bearings, or rollers. We will find out where the noise is coming from and fix/replace any broken components so your dryer runs smoothly again.

Drum not spinning

If your dryer’s drum isn’t spinning correctly, this issue might be caused by a faulty idler pulley, drive belt, or motor. Our team will perform the Electrolux dryer belt repair and examine other parts to fix or replace them.

Overheating or shutting off prematurely

Problems with thermostats, clogged vents, or broken thermal fuses can make a dryer unsafe by causing it to turn off too soon or overheat. We will locate the source of the problem, remove any obstructions, and repair any broken parts to make sure they work reliably and safely.

Excessive vibration or movement

When the drum rollers, suspension springs, or weights are not evenly distributed, the drying cycle may experience excessive vibration or movement. To make sure your dryer runs safely and efficiently, our experts will check for worn components, balance the load, and repair them if necessary.

Receive quality Electrolux service at the lowest dryer repair cost โ€” contact our experienced team ASAP!ย 

Choose our dryer repair for fair prices in Canada and get various advantages!

Choosing a repair contractor for your malfunctioning device is a very responsible step, regardless of the type of your dryer, its fuel or its model. Trusting our Alpha Appliance professionals to troubleshoot your device, you put your drying machine into the hands of an experienced team that always considers clients’ unique demands and preferences. Our call centre operates round the clock so that you can get quality assistance at your convenience. Besides this, we also bring you the following advantages:

  • Upfront estimates. Transparency is a cornerstone of our authorized Electrolux dryer repairs. Therefore, we provide you an accurate and transparent estimate before we begin any repair project. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay the repair bill afterwards.
  • 3-month warranty on services. Although we do not repair appliances under warranty, our company provides a 90-day warranty after every repair. This way, our team ensures that if any issue arises during this period, we will return and eliminate it completely at no charge.
  • Same-day service. Since our company understands how inconvenient it is when a dryer breaks down in the middle of the day, we do our best to provide the same-day service. Thanks to our prompt response and fast repair procedure, you can be certain that your dryer will be back in working condition in no time.
  • Electrolux spare parts. Our team guarantees the best possible repair quality by using only OEM spare parts for dryer repair. We receive these dryer parts from a reliable Electrolux supplier and thoroughly test them to ensure that your appliance will last as long as possible.

Feel free to get in touch with us whenever your dryer starts malfunctioning โ€” our emergency team is available 24/7!