Same-day Frigidaire dryer repair service you can rely on

Frigidaire brand is always about high-quality, feature-packed and energy-efficient devices, and their drying machines are no exception. Yet, even these characteristics don’t fully protect them against possible breakages. We at Alpha Appliance offer high-quality Frigidaire dryer repair services that will restore your appliance to maximum performance in no time.

Established to deliver customized solutions, our company now has more than 30 experienced technicians on the team. Using modern tools and proven restoration methods, our professionals can bring your dryer back to normal operation regardless of its degree of failure, brand, or model. Moreover, we cover 130+ cities in Canada, remaining your main household appliance assistant whenever you move. Individual approach to each client, «no hidden fees» policy and 24/7 call centre — contact us right now and get a first-class service you can trust! 

What are the most common Frigidaire dryer issues our experts can easily fix?

When your dryer breaks down, it can disrupt your daily routine. As a homeowner, you may be faced with the decision of whether to try fixing it yourself or hiring a professional. If the first option does not give you any guarantees of success, calling qualified professionals may help avoid further damage to the appliance. By trusting your Frigidaire gas or electric dryer repair into the hands of our experts, you can be assured that we will eliminate the following:

Burning smell during operation

A burning smell coming from your appliance is a major issue that should not be ignored. Possible causes include lint accumulation, a malfunctioning thermostat, or an overheated motor. On site, our specialists will check your dryer for damage, remove any lint buildup, and repair any broken components to ensure it runs safely.

Clothes coming out wrinkled or damaged

If your laundry comes out of the dryer wrinkled or damaged, this could be due to an overload, incorrect drying settings or a problem with the drum. After determining the exact root of the problem, we may fix the drum, change the settings, or teach you how to load it correctly.

The door is not latching properly

If the door does not latch correctly, the dryer may not start or stop in the middle of a cycle. Consequently, a broken door latch or hinge can be the source of this issue. We can perform the Frigidaire affinity dryer door latch repair by replacing the broken components and making sure the door shuts tightly.

Control panel or buttons not responding

When your dryer’s control panel or buttons stop working, a faulty control board or broken buttons might be to blame. We can diagnose the problem, fix or replace the broken buttons with OEM spare parts, and have your dryer’s control system working like new again.

Clogged lint screen

This issue reduces dryer performance and increases fire risk. It usually happens due to the usage of incorrect dryer sheets or an issue with the venting. Our professionals will ensure that your system remains clog-free by inspecting the venting system, cleaning the lint screen, and providing maintenance instructions.

Get in touch with our Frigidaire stackable dryer repair team and forget about sudden issues ASAP! 

Choosing our local dryer repair services brings you various benefits!

These days, when choosing to hire a pro instead of using DIY tips, homeowners want to get one who not only meets the minimal standards but truly exceeds them. At Alpha Appliance, we put our customers first and offer several key advantages that set us apart from our competitors. When you choose our services, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Transparent prices. Our prices are always affordable and transparent, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Moreover, we always provide estimates upfront in the tower to avoid hidden surprises in the final bill.
  • Same-day service. Our team provides emergency same-day service to swiftly handle and fix any problems. We will have your dryer running like new in no time.
  • Personal approach to each client. We always listen carefully to your demands and wishes to ensure that our services are suitable for you. Your satisfaction is our priority, so our professionals provide individualized and careful assistance.
  • Frigidaire spare parts. Our Frigidaire dryer repair kit includes only authentic spare parts for the replacement of the components. These custom-made premium elements will guarantee the long-term durability of the repair and the dryer’s optimal performance.

Stop choosing first-suggested contractors — our local technicians are always around the corner!