Long-lasting Frigidaire appliances repair you can count on

Frigidaire has always been a pioneer and inventor in the field of household appliances. Nowadays, many people immediately think of this brand of home appliances when it comes to furnishing their kitchens or laundry rooms. But they do not, however, necessarily have an endless lifespan. Therefore it is necessary to find a reliable Frigidaire appliance repair service. Alpha Appliance is about speed, quality and the best result in fixing your broken devices.

Our skilled experienced staff is committed to giving you a satisfying experience and a long-term solution. We’ve developed a network of specialists across Canada, enabling us to assist an increasing number of clients. Don’t waste your time looking for a specialist to fix a broken Frigidaire device; call us now. We also offer a 3-month warranty after your appliance has been fixed.

At Alpha Appliance, our customers come first. After all, the reason we entered this field of business in the first place was to help others. Knowing that we just helped someone save money and simplify their life gives us that feeling of satisfaction that comes after a household or kitchen appliance repair is complete. So our friendly and attentive customer service is ready to provide you with Frigidaire troubleshooting in no time.

best frigidaire refrigerator repair near me

Frigidaire fridge repair

local frigidaire fridge repair service

Frigidaire refrigerators are famous for their sophisticated styling, state-of-the-art engineering, and exceptional functionality. But occasionally, even these expensive devices can break down. Any of these issues can be quickly fixed by our Frigidaire fridge repair specialists.

  • Weird noises;
  • It doesn’t turn on;
  • Freeze function does not work;
  • Water leakage.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need technical advice. If the problem is serious, we’ll be ready to solve it as soon as possible!

frigidaire dishwasher repair canada

Frigidaire dishwasher repair

fix frigidaire dishwasher

Some people may think, “I’d rather buy another appliance than repair my current one.” Take your time! The final price of our Frigidaire dishwasher repair will not come as a surprise to you. Our customers are always warned in advance about the amount they need to pay for the work.

We identify and fix all the problems:

  • Dishwasher is leaking;
  • Appliance isn’t washing;
  • Unit isn’t draining;
  • Dishwasher is clogged;
  • Appliance isn’t drying.

Time is precious, so rest assured that our craftsmen will fix your Frigidaire device in no time.

authorized frigidaire washing machine repair service

Frigidaire washing machine repair

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Our team upholds the highest standards while advising our clients on the most economical and effective repair and maintenance options. In order to complete the Frigidaire washing machine repair on the first trip, we keep the most popular components in stock in our service vans.

We deal with the following breakdowns most often:

  • Your washer never stops working;
  • Non-spinning or non-agitating motor;
  • Water not draining out or flowing into the washer;
  • It is vibrating excessively;
  • Washing machine not spinning;
  • The washer is dripping water.

Our tools and quality parts are ready to get involved to guarantee a great result!

frigidaire dryer repair company in my area

Frigidaire dryer repair

repair service for frigidaire dryer

Dryers are a crucial home device because they can swiftly dry clothing and other things. It may be quite upsetting when this contemporary laundry room convenience fails. When these energy-hungry appliances aren’t functioning properly, it may also be expensive to keep them running. Our Frigidaire dryer repair technicians can fix the following breakdowns:

  • Dryer won’t turn on;
  • Appliance isn’t heating;
  • Dryer’s drum not spinning;
  • Dryer gets too hot.

Because of our vast expertise and familiarity with both types of dryers (gas and electric), you can rely on our professionals to diagnose your dryer’s issue quickly and to do the necessary repairs.

frigidaire oven repair service near me

Frigidaire stove & oven repair

frigidaire electric and gas stove repair

Forget about puzzling over your kitchen appliance and constantly wondering, “What to do?” You have a solution! Just call our Frigidaire oven and stove repair technicians, and they’ll solve any problem right away.

  • Oven not baking;
  • Broiler not working;
  • The burner gets too hot;
  • The indicator light is always on;
  • Oven will not heat up;
  • Oven produces incorrect temperatures;
  • Oven door is not closing properly.

If you notice that something isn’t going right at all, call the experts at Alpha Appliance, and we’ll tell you what to do next to keep cooking delicious meals!