Reliable and affordable Maytag clothes washer repair within your reach

When your appliance breaks down, you need an expert technician to address the issue swiftly and safely. Our experts deliver Maytag washing machine repairs nationwide, bringing unparalleled knowledge and experience to every project. Our approach combines careful attention to detail with practical solutions, ensuring your appliance is quickly back up and running.

Furthermore, we know everything about Maytag, which enables us to perform diagnostics and repairs without a hitch. We come prepared with OEM spare parts, ensuring your unit receives the best care. And since some breakdowns can’t wait, Alpha Appliance offers emergency Maytag Centennial washing machine repair services to address urgent issues before they inconvenience you. 

Trust our team to fix your unit quickly and safely.

Maytag front load and top load washing machine repair works we perform

Our troubleshooting process starts with a thorough inspection to identify all issues. Then, we develop a repair strategy to address the problem and suit your budget. After repairs, our technicians conduct functionality tests. Maytag washer transmission repair, belt replacement, odour elimination, you name it! Alpha Appliance performs troubleshooting of any complexity, including the following:

Dispensers not working properly (detergent, fabric softener)

Our technicians clean the dispensers, removing any residue or blockages that may prevent proper dispensing. We also check the water inlet valves and ensure the dispenser drawer mechanism functions correctly.

Torn or damaged clothes after washing

We inspect the drum for sharp edges or foreign objects that might cause damage to clothes. Additionally, we check the agitator or impeller and ensure they are in good condition without any rough spots.

Error codes displaying

Our team deciphers the repair codes and checks the related components, including sensors, control boards, and connections, to identify and rectify the underlying issue.

Drum not filling completely

We examine the water inlet valves, filters, and hoses for blockages or damage. We also check the pressure switch and ensure it accurately detects water levels.

Washer not balancing loads properly

First, Alpha Appliance technicians check and adjust the washer’s levelling legs to ensure perfect balance. We also inspect the suspension springs and shock absorbers for wear and tear.

Plus, Alpha Appliance performs Maytag washer door latch repair, leak repair, motor replacement, and water pump replacement. Contact us to discuss your case and get immediate help!

Choose our cost-effective washing machine repair and get multiple benefits

While many technicians are available today to come and fix your unit, choosing one that guarantees quality and safety in troubleshooting is crucial. Luckily, you don’t have to waste your time searching. Alpha Appliance stands out because we offer everything you need from a repair company: expertise, reliability, and the following benefits:

  • Upfront estimates. We maintain transparency from the start of our collaboration. Therefore, when you choose Alpha Appliance, you receive upfront estimates for the repair service. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges—just transparent, straightforward pricing that lets you plan confidently.
  • 3-month warranty. Whether we perform Maytag washer agitator repair or handle a more complex repair, our guarantee ensures you can trust in the quality and durability of our service. You can rest easy, knowing your appliance is in capable hands during and long after repairs. 
  • Personal approach. Every case is unique. Therefore, we take a personalized approach, which means that our specialists allocate time to understand your needs and preferences, including repair scheduling and budget. From the initial consultation to the final handshake, you experience high-quality service and expert advice.
  • Maytag spare parts. Only original components fit perfectly and work seamlessly with appliances, ensuring optimal unit performance and service life. Therefore, our team always has a ready supply of authentic Maytag parts, providing swift and effective repairs that restore your appliance to peak performance.

Whether you need Maytag washer control board repair or motor replacement, safely rely on Alpha Appliance! We use the best practices and repair tools to deliver the solutions you expect.