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Vancouver washing machine repair services

It is common for people to throw away and buy new kitchen appliances since repairing them may not make financial sense. It seems that replacing the damaged item is more efficient, less expensive, and more accessible than having it restored. Our home appliance repair technicians are equipped with the 20 years of repair knowledge and modern repair kit needed to service a wide variety of household devices.

Alpha Appliance recognizes that people depend significantly on their household appliances; a malfunctioning washing machine, cooktop, or refrigerator may bring a lot of trouble to their lives. Therefore, we offer our customers professional washer repair in Vancouver, which will be available to every resident of the city. There’s no need to pay a fortune to uncertified technicians for basic repairs – we will do everything qualitatively and at a reasonable price.

Moreover, our specialists will immediately determine that the device is no longer subject to repair. In this case, we will not prolong its lifespan «artificially,» wasting your money and our efforts. However, we are concerned that in 99% of the situations faced by our experts, all malfunctions are repairable.

The experience of our professionals is confirmed by many positive customer reviews, mandatory apprenticeships and top certificates like Red Seal and North American Technician Excellence (NATE). Noticed that the washing machine stopped working correctly, started leaking or making noise – Alpha Appliance will come to the aid as soon as possible!

We know where to find the best Vancouver washing machine repair

Our technician will begin by performing a thorough diagnostic of the appliance to determine the source of the issue and the replacement components necessary to carry out the repair successfully. We have a large inventory of popular replacement parts on hand, which allows our pros to get the washing machine fix in Vancouver done the first time. As a result, you can be confident that you’re receiving the best possible service from the certified expert who comes out to your home or business. We efficiently deal with the following malfunctions:

  • The washer won’t drain or is full of water;
  • The washing machine shakes or vibrates;
  • The appliance fills slowly;
  • The washer doesn’t run;
  • The washer door is stuck or locked;
  • It is reporting an error code;
  • The washing machine is overheating;
  • The device produces weird noises.

Do not despair by noticing one of these problems on your device. This shortlist is just a pill to cure an earthquake among all the breakdowns our experienced pros regularly encounter.

With our company, you always know how much it will cost to repair a broken device in advance. We guarantee that all additional work or other expenses will be announced upfront to avoid misunderstandings after the job is done. So, the figures in the bill will never frighten you – the “no hidden fees” strategy works better than ever.

Also, we regularly adjust the price of our services, reducing it to the average in the market, so that for the repair of the old device you will not give up the cost of the new model. It is possible and efficient to save you money with us because you can always get excellent discounts and seasonal offers.

washing machine repair cost Vancouver

Why should you choose our washer technicians in Vancouver?

Based on our clients’ experience, it is challenging to find a suitable and reliable engineer in your area. Someone will ask for unreasonably high prices, and others will do the job willy-nilly. For Alpha Appliance, customer satisfaction is the highest indicator of successful work. To achieve this, our washing machine repair service has several advantages in Vancouver:

Our repair activities extend to many models and manufacturers of kitchen appliances: Samsung, Viking, KitchenAid, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Wolf, Dacor, LG, Kenmore, Danby, Maytag etc. Our services include the purchase, installation and maintenance of your favourite devices.

We take full responsibility and provide a complete service warranty for kitchen device repair. Thus, when choosing our company, you get 100% protection against sudden breakdowns in the near future.

We strongly recommend not trying to fix the washer yourself unless you want to damage the pipes, internal mechanism and other spare parts. Don’t risk your property when same-day repair is always around the corner in Vancouver.


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