Need 24/7 appliance repair service Coquitlam, BC? Let us help!

Nowadays, people surely are blessed to possess a device for almost every single house chore they have to do. Need to wash your dishes? – Here is a dishwasher for you! Clothes? A washer! Keep your food cold? A refrigerator! We are so used to using them in our lives that we do not appreciate their functionality and the role they all play in our daily routines. Only when something breaks down and stops working do we start not to take its operation for granted and notice just how hard our life would be without all these devices.

In times like these, our company is always happy to assist you! We can rightfully state that we are referred to as the best appliance repair company in all of Coquitlam city according to numerous reviews we got. The range of the work we perform varies from small mundane repairs to fixing unique cases and replacing those appliances that are beyond repair with brand-new ones.

Besides having one of the highest service standards due to our licensed technicians, we also never take too long to fix anything. With Alpha Appliance, you will not have to reschedule any of their plans because we carry out our services quickly and with no delay. Dial Alpha Appliance’s number now to get your fast and efficient repair in your area.

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Trust us to fix your home appliances in Coquitlam

Alpha Appliance will fix your appliance in Coquitlam at a gallop. Unlike other repair businesses in your area, we offer solutions that are not limited to simple malfunctions. Our licensed workmen are able to tackle issues of varying difficulties with ease, as well as repair any domestic appliance you can imagine, like:

  • Ovens;
  • Washers;
  • Fridges;
  • Dryers;
  • Stoves;
  • Dishwashers, etc.

You can entrust your entire home to our Coquitlam appliance repair company, not worrying about having unexpected breakages ever again. The common mishaps that we deal with on a daily basis include:

  • Not enough heat;
  • Not enough cold;
  • Trouble switching on and off;
  • Excessive and unusual noise;
  • Jammed doors;
  • The control panels not working properly;
  • Leakages and drippings;
  • Clothes still dirty after the full cycle;
  • Damp clothing after a dryer;
  • Debris clogging the unit;
  • Microwave spinning but not giving any heat, etc.

Besides having this vast range of services, Alpha Appliance also did not limit itself to just a few brands. We cooperate with more than 40 producers of appliances, thus making the process more detailed and adjusted for each manufacturer. Such brands as AEG, Kenmore, LG, Miele, U-Line, Frigidaire, Liebherr, Jennair, Fagor, Blomberg, Electrolux, Magic Chef, Whirlpool, Samsung, Panasonic, Garland, Thermador, Gaggenau, KitchenAid, Moffat, Insignia, Bertazzoni and numerous others have provided our employees with specifications on how to fix the appliances manufactured by them to achieve the perfect result.

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Moreover, when you call us to make a service request, you can expect to be greeted with politeness and understanding. Our pros never leave a mess in your house or apartments. Also, we will explain in plain English our next steps to fix your device and give you helpful life hacks on how to prevent breakage in the future. Even if you’re not satisfied with the final repair price, we’ll provide you with several different choices.

Alpha Appliance must stress that any attempts to repair a domestic device by yourself may result in devastating outcomes, from having to spend more on the repair or replacement of the appliance in the end to permanently damaging not only your domestic unit but a part of the building too. Be cautious when approaching such delicate issues as repairing something, and always call for certified professionals for appliance troubleshooting in the city of Coquitlam!