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The lifespan of a gas stove and oven is pretty long โ€“ both can go up to 15 years without any significant issues. But, at the same time, it goes without saying that long-term use leads to wear and tear. Fortunately, a timely call to the stove repair specialists in Ottawa always helps avoid costly repairs due to an aggravated breakdown or purchasing a new appliance.

You can safely rely on the proficient Alpha Appliance team if you need your stove or oven fixed quickly and reliably because these services are our strengths. To thoroughly diagnose and reliably repair your damaged oven or stove, our certified expert will come to your house after you reserve the best time for you online or by calling us. Thus, the smell of your delicious dinner will be in the air in just a few hours!

Finally, it should be noted that whenever gas is involved, the best path of action is to call a professional for risk-free repair. The thing is, these appliancesโ€™ mechanisms have too many complexities for an average homeowner to inspect and fix them correctly and securely.

So instead, get in touch with us, the qualified and motivated technicians who are fully licensed and certified to repair the most complex breakdowns efficiently.

Fix your stove and oven with top technicians of Ottawa

Whatever problem our technicians deal with, they first thoroughly inspect the gas appliance, clearly identify the problem, and then choose the best way to fix it. Whatever brand we deal with, our dedicated team always pleases customers with high quality and an attentive approach.

Here is what we can quickly fix when you have stove or oven malfunctions in Ottawa:

  • Faulty igniter. Even when the oven is ignited, there are instances when it may take a while before it starts to work. The clogging of the ignition holes may be the cause. In this situation, our skilled technician can check if the ignition port is clogged or if there’s another problem interfering with the ignition. Whatever the reason, we will fix the problem or replace the igniter with a new spare part from the manufacturer.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat. Our oven technician in Ottawa uses special professional equipment to check the operation of the thermostat and then decides whether to repair or replace it, depending on the inspection results. Either way, we’ll get your thermostat back to life quickly.
  • Broken heating element. Patches of discolouration on your heating element, uncooked food, increased electricity bills, and wear and tear indicate that your heating element needs urgent expert help. Since this part is not repairable in most cases, we will replace it for you by choosing the right one for your stove or oven.

With proper care, any device lasts longer and better. However, its parts don’t last forever, making you seek professional help. So why not replace parts yourself? First, knowledge is needed to identify the problem accurately. Secondly, the spare part must fit your stove or oven in case of replacement. And thirdly, the repair procedure should be safe so as not to put your kitchen helpers or, even worse, your family at risk.

Why Ottawa residents choose us for oven repair

There are many technicians, but we assure you that Alpha Appliance’s advantages will not leave you indifferent. So look at them and see for yourself!

  • Peerless transparency and affordability. The cost of any service we provide, including electric and gas oven repair in Ottawa, will be affordable and pleasant for you. Moreover, we will tell you the service price before getting started. With us, you pay exactly as much as you agreed initially. The value for money has never been so great!
  • Credible local experts. Alpha Appliance is always at your service since we are in your region whenever you need help. Thus, you won’t notice how we will quickly fix everything on the same day without compromising quality. Our team never keeps clients waiting!
  • Unsurpassed and everlasting quality. We are qualified and regularly take refresher courses to become the best for you. In addition, we already hold industry-leading certifications such as Red Seal and North American Technician Excellence, making us a sure-fire choice. Our quality of repairs meets the highest industry standards!

Our professional technicians and staff are ready to help!

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