Long-lasting Bosch appliances repair you can count on

It is easy to assume that even the most long-lasting and quality household device cannot work properly for decades. Despite the timeless design and innovative technology that Bosch kitchen and washing appliances possess, this does not make them an exception to the aforementioned rule. However, this is no reason to be upset – qualified specialists from Alpha Appliance are ready to provide their services anytime convenient to you.

Our success is based on the high experience of our professionals. They’ve all worked in this business for over 20 years, proved by North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and Red Seal certifications. So there is no difference between gaskets and thermostat replacement for us – we will perform Bosch appliance repair professionally, having many OEM parts in stock.

Before the restoration, we will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic to help find the most minor local cracks and be aware of all possible faults. Thanks to such thorough inspection and a genuine desire to help the customer, we have a lot of positive feedback from customers.

We recommend that you not be concerned that restoring your device would be difficult or costly. If the device is too worn out, we suggest purchasing a new one and not spending money fixing the oldest one. In 99% of cases, your budget constraints will determine the cost of our Bosch troubleshooting – we will find the best option to suit you.

Book our service online or call us anytime, even on weekends and holidays – we’re eagerly waiting to bring your device back to life.

bosch refrigerator repair service

Bosch refrigerator repair

best bosch fridge repair near me

A refrigerator of this brand combines the precision of the cooling technology and exceptional performance, so is the real pride of its owner. Alpha Appliance specialists are always ready to help if your fridge starts to work incorrectly. For example, if you notice something of the following, we will eliminate it:

  • The back of the fridge is overheating;
  • The device is leaking;
  • The water dispenser isn’t working;
  • The fridge isn’t defrosting.

Call us now and get the same-day Bosch refrigerator repair at a reasonable price! Despite an extensive cooling portfolio (refrigerator, freezer, fridge-freezer combo, wine cabinets etc.), our experts know any model’s restoration features.

certified bosch dishwasher repair near me

Bosch dishwasher repair

bosch repairs dishwasher

Breakage of this device can significantly reduce your comfort. So if you notice these symptoms, hurry to contact our Bosch dishwasher repair technician:

  • Dishwasher won’t fill;
  • Device stops mid-cycle;
  • Appliance is leaking;
  • Garments remain wet;
  • Dishwasher won’t drain;
  • Door lock issues.

Trust your gadget to us, and we will eliminate these and other malfunctions. Thanks to such timely action, you can significantly save on household issues solutions.

bosch washing machine repair service

Bosch washing machine repair

authorized bosch washer repair near me

With our 24-hour telephone support, our Bosch washer repair service can be a reliable helper for those who have fallen into an emergency situation. We are ready to help when you are faced with such faults:

  • Washer won’t drain;
  • It is vibrating or shaking;
  • Washer won’t agitate;
  • Clothes are dirty after the cycle;
  • Washing machine fills slowly.

After your call to us, the technician will be at your doorstep in the shortest possible time, equipped with special tools and many spare parts for quick replacement.

bosch clothes dryer repair service

Bosch dryer repair

repair bosch dryer

When your dryer breaks down, it can be devastating because they are frequently seen as unsung appliance heroes. But don’t worry since we offer you the best Bosch dryer repair. Our team will effectively address the following challenges:

  • Dryer won’t spin;
  • It operates noisily;
  • Dryer is too slow;
  • Dryer seal is broken;
  • The clothes are not dry.

The sooner you seek our aid, the less you will spend on breakage symptoms rather than a complete restoration.

bosch oven repair service near me

Bosch stove & oven repair

bosch electric and gas stove repair

With various options that offer their customers these devices from Bosch, any homeowner can become a real chef in their kitchen. However, an average homeowner doesn’t have the skills and professional tools to fix the failure of their stove. Call Alpha Appliance, whose experts will help you to get rid of the following:

  • Oven surface element won’t turn off;
  • Stove burners spark all the time;
  • Burner flames are too high;
  • There’s no power in the stove.

Remember that the restoration on your own may come out to you sideways. Our Bosch oven repair technician is always in your neighbourhood to prevent this. Each of our specialists has completed extensive apprenticeships, which speaks of their high qualifications and ability to communicate with the client.