The best wolf range & repair cooktop you can find!

Despite the importance of other kitchen elements, a malfunctioning stove can completely change the plans for the evening dinner. However, such situations can be avoided by requesting Wolf oven repair assistance from Alpha Appliance, a reliable household assistant with a proven track record and innovative solutions.

We employ only experienced and certified technicians who can diagnose and fix your household appliances on the same day after your initial call. Furthermore, our team utilizes only state-of-the-art tools and tested techniques, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of our repairs. In addition, our local professionals are available in more than 130 cities around Canada to guarantee top-notch solutions wherever you live. We fix appliances once and for good — call us now and see it for yourself!  

What Wolf stove repair services do our company provide?

Any Wolf oven can experience issues, regardless of the model. It’s best to have experienced technicians handle most malfunctions to avoid causing further damage to the appliance or risking personal injury. At Alpha Appliance, we have all the necessary resources to troubleshoot both the most common and rare failures, ensuring your regular and countertop oven can operate uninterruptedly all the time. For instance, our extensive expertise covers the following issues:

The oven fan is not working

When the oven fan isn’t working, food cooks unevenly and takes longer to bake than it should. The problem usually starts with a malfunctioning motor or a damaged fan blade. Our professionals will identify the issue and repair it quickly to have your device working like new again.

Burning smell during operation

There are a number of potential causes for the burning smell coming from the oven, including blocked gas stove igniter or electrical troubles. On site, our experts will quickly identify the source of the issue, as well as replace the worn-out components with OEM spare parts.

The stove’s surface is cracked (glass-top stoves)

A shattered glass-top stove surface poses a safety risk and may cause severe harm or illnesses. To make sure your stove is both functional and stunning, we perform the Wolf stove top repair by replacing the glass top without a hassle.

The timer or clock is not functioning

If your clock or timer isn’t functioning properly, then wiring problems or a malfunctioning control board are common culprits in this case. Rest assured that our professionals can fix or replace these parts, restoring their accuracy.

Oven cycling on and off frequently

Inefficient cooking and heat loss might result from an oven door that doesn’t close correctly. Usually, this issue results from a defective door seal or damaged hinges. Our experts will restore your oven’s peak efficiency by replacing these malfunctioning parts.

Forget about doubtful DIY tips since our experienced Wolf electric and gas stove repair professionals are always ready to assist!

What are the main advantages our authorized Wolf oven repair services provide?

Contrary to the general opinion that the high quality of fixing is the main indicator of the dependability of the appliance repair company, we do not agree with this statement. As a reliable contractor for hundreds of Canadians, we believe that quality work and a client-oriented approach should form the basis of any modern assistance. When providing our repair services, we always make sure that the client can receive the following benefits:

  • Upfront estimates. We provide comprehensive estimates prior to performing any repair work to ensure that you are fully informed at every step. Thus, we always adhere to the “no hidden fees” policy, regardless of the degree of failure or complexity of the project.
  • 3-month warranty on services. Whether it is a Wolf gas or electric range repair, our team always provides clients with a 90-day complete labour warranty afterward. This protects you against unforeseen malfunctions that may re-arise and cause you inconvenience and financial loss.
  • Personal approach to each client. Our team understands that each customer is different, and their repair requirements are as unique. We take a personal approach to each service call, learning about your unique problems so that we can address them with individualized solutions.
  • Wolf spare parts. When performing a Wolf cooktop repair, we exclusively use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components. This will return your appliances to their original condition, ensuring they continue to work longer and with the same efficiency level.

Get in touch with our team and get both affordable and efficient solutions right away!