Same-day appliance repair in Vanier

We have all had it happen before – an appliance that pokes holes in your favourite shirt, an oven that inexplicably goes dark, or a dishwasher that fails to clean dishes. These kinds of malfunctions can leave homeowners feeling down in the dumps. Luckily, Alpha Appliance is here to help, no matter when you need us!

Our team of repair experts has been providing emergency appliance repair services in Vanier and nationwide for years. We have the skills and know-how to fix all damages, whether a wonky dryer door or a faulty fridge motor. Moreover, our highly experienced specialists are well-versed in every appliance brand, which lets them quickly and efficiently identify and resolve any problem.

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dishwasher repair in Vanier

Quality home appliance repair in Vanier

Our Vanier technicians offer reliable and safe repair services for various appliances, with keen attention to detail.


We specialize in solving many issues with these units, such as leaks, ice buildup, constant running, noisy operation, etc. Our expert team comprehends the intricate components of refrigerators and how they work together. This understanding allows them to quickly diagnose the cause of the problem and offer practical solutions.


Our team will thoroughly clean any debris within the sprinklers and filters and restore your appliance to normal operations. If more serious issues occur, we may need to check the control panel, the water supply system, and other components. Our services include both minor appliance fixes and extensive appliance repairs, and we always work quickly to get your appliance functioning correctly again.


A dirty drum or a malfunctioning motor could cause your washing machine to have a tough time. A dirty drum may be cleaned, but a faulty engine might need to be replaced. If the case requires replacement parts, there is no reason to worry! We stock spare parts from manufacturers on hand to make replacements on the same day.


If your unit stops in the middle of a cycle, overheats, leaves your clothes wet or makes a lot of noise, it requires professional assistance. Fortunately, Alpha Appliance pros have mastered advanced practices to repair every issue and guarantee minimal downtime. You’ll be back to your routine without more interruption!


Gas flow problems or igniter issues can be dangerous for your home and health. We adhere to the safety guidelines and standards in the repair of these appliances. You can count on us to provide the best service and ensure your home and family are safe.


We fix all kinds of oven issues, including incorrect temperatures, dark ovens, and uneven cooking. We have plenty of expertise in repairing all types of appliances and put security at the top of our list. 

Gas appliances

Alpha Appliance has certified gas engineers who can solve problems related to your gas appliance’s ignition or ventilation.

Expert tip: Do-it-yourself repairs can have multiple negative consequences, such as incorrect diagnosis and reduced appliance lifespan. They could also lead to fire dangers. So, think twice before attempting repairs on your own.

washing machine repair in Vanier

Choose our all-appliances domestic repair in Vanier and get multiple benefits

We are the preferred choice of many clients because we have become the leading experts in our industry and outshine our competitors in various areas.

  • Affordability. Our pricing policy is designed with our clients in mind. We also provide discounts and coupons for various services. With us, you don’t have to choose between quality and price.
  • Availability. We understand that appliances can malfunction at any moment, leading to emergencies. That’s why we offer round-the-clock assistance, available 24/7/365, at your fingertips. Our operators respond promptly to your calls, and our Vanier technicians immediately arrive.
  • Warranty. We use only the best components and provide fully covered repairs and spare parts. We will never charge you more than once.