Same-day appliance repair in Gatineau

When your appliance goes out of order, your best solution is to call a qualified technician. DIY repairs can lead to further breakdowns and safety risks at worst. After all, “self-medication” is harmful not only for you but also for your appliances!

Our professionals at Alpha Appliance are skilled and certified appliance pros who can fix your refrigerator, furnace, washer, dryer, and other items better and faster than others. Who else can you trust if not a team with years of experience? Having honed our professionalism to perfection, we are one of the best teams for ASAP appliance repair at home across Canada.

In addition to repairs, Alpha Appliance provides reliable installation and maintenance. Moreover, our services are available for both residential and commercial clients. Finally, we know the ins and outs of multiple appliance manufacturers, which allows us to provide quality service to any brand, including Bosch, Haier, AEG, Kenmore, Electrolux, Panasonic, and a dozen others.

There’s no challenge too big for us to overcome. Trust us and get a perfectly repaired unit!

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Quality and prompt home appliance repair in Gatineau

As mentioned, we can repair any appliance reliably, regardless of the breakdown. Not only experience but also effective practices, spare parts from the manufacturer, and a comprehensive approach help us with it. Specifically, the experts perform meticulous inspections to detect a breakdown, determine its cause (to prevent recurring breakdown), conduct reliable repairs, and finally test your unit.

Here are the services our Gatineau technicians can provide if you need appliance repair:


Common breakdowns we deal with: Leaks, ice buildup, noisy operation, insufficient or excessive cooling, and constant running.

Refrigerators are complex systems that include compressors, condensers, evaporators, and refrigerant lines. Our deep understanding of how these components work together is our foundation for effective troubleshooting. Also, the knowledge of electrical systems helps us solve electrical issues with motors, fans, and control boards.


Common breakdowns we deal with: Leaks, dirty dishes, improper drainage, failure to start, and bad smells.

First, we check the dishwasher for basic problems, such as clogged filters or debris in the spray arms. After all, this machine may often refuse to work due to minor issues. If the matter is more serious, we’ll inspect the water supply and drainage, heating element, rinse aid system, control board and other dishwasher systems to detect a breakdown and immediately begin repairs.


Common breakdowns we deal with: Improper or slow drainage,  bad smells, damaged clothes, failure to fill with water, leaks, and vibration.

Depending on the problem, we may only need to clean the washer drum, level a unit, or inspect the drum for sharp objects. However, sometimes repairs may require replacing the motor or fixing the internal wiring. In any case, we have enough knowledge to perform fast home appliance repair.


Common breakdowns we deal with: Wet clothes, excessive noise, vibration, shutting off in the middle of a cycle, and overheating.

While some dryer problems have typical causes, specific issues can vary depending on the model. Therefore, we carefully identify and effectively eliminate the cause when troubleshooting on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, Alpha Appliance maintains an organized inventory of frequently used spare parts to reduce downtime by ensuring that needed components are available.


Common breakdowns we deal with: Gas flow issues, igniter problems, slow heating, and clicking gas stove top.

Our priority is safety during the stove repair, following all rules and regulations. We also invest in high-quality tools and equipment designed to fix these appliances. This way, you can count on reliable and safe repairs.


Common breakdowns we deal with: Too high or low oven temperature, a dark oven, uneven cooking, and a malfunctioning door.

The cause may often be hidden in the smallest nooks and crannies of the oven. Therefore, our technicians diagnose thoroughly and accurately using advanced diagnostic tools to find the cause before starting repairs. Then, we check the unit to ensure your safety.

Gas appliances

Common breakdowns we deal with: Gas odour, inconsistent temperature, faulty indicator lights or controls, and weak burner flame.

All Alpha Appliance specialists are certified and undergo gas engineer training courses on an ongoing basis, which guarantees you repair according to the latest quality and safety standards. So, whether the problem is in the gas appliance venting or ignition system, our company ensures that the problem is resolved in the safest possible way.

We can perform small fixes and provide high-quality appliance repair services.

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Express domestic appliance repair in Gatineau with multiple benefits

Now you know what items we can fix and how. Next, find out why you should choose Alpha Appliance!

✅ Fast same-day service
Sometimes, you don’t have time to wait until tomorrow because faulty appliances can threaten your home and family. We respond instantly to emergencies and do everything possible to protect you!
✅ 24/7 customer support
And to prove the previous point, we are happy to tell you that our team is available 24/7/365.
✅ Professional approach
We use only proven, thoughtful, and proficient practices when repairing our clients’ appliances.
✅ Warranty on repairs and parts
Whether we fix an oven door within minutes or replace a washing machine motor, you receive a long-term guarantee in any case. That’s because your peace of mind matters!

To fix your appliance today, contact Alpha Appliance now!