Our reliable Montreal appliance repair services are available round-the-clock!

Nowadays, household appliances play a major role in our day-to-day life, and therefore the importance of keeping them in good working condition increases. Consequently, it’s never a good time when the device breaks down, bringing you only extra stress and inconvenience. Alpha Appliance’s same-day Montreal appliance repair services are always available for every Canadian to make your dryer or dishwasher not idle for more than a few hours. What can we do for you?

With our technicians’ extensive expertise and years of experience, we deal with any household device, including fridges, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves/cookies, etc. For us, there is no difference between the brand or model of your equipment. However, if the appliance isn’t worth fixing due to its age or wear out, we will inform you in advance, recommending a suitable replacement model. Consult with our 24/7 telephone support or book an appointment online – a personal approach is guaranteed!

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Our team is able to fix various appliances regardless of their malfunction in Montreal

At Alpha Appliance, we always strive to meet customer needs, whether residential or commercial. Thus, we install, maintain and fix appliances in Montreal, considering not only their condition but also your initial preferences and needs. For the success of each such project, all our specialists are equipped with up-to-date tools and OEM spare parts and apply only proven work methods in accordance with existing gas regulations and other safety precautions. For instance, it’s easy for us to find one-step solutions for the following malfunctions:

  • The refrigerator isn’t cooling at all;
  • Washing machine’s hoses won’t come off;
  • Dishwasher’s water is too cold;
  • It takes too long to dry clothes;
  • Stove burners turn off by themselves;
  • Oven doesn’t reach the required temperature;
  • Cooktop operates too noisy;
  • The gas odour coming from the device;

Remember that list is only a small part of those faults our extensive expertise covers. Additionally, unlike the doubtful DIY guides, which offer «simple steps to success in complex restorations», our best appliance repair service in Montreal provides timely and safe solutions without negative consequences for both your device and other property. The latter is especially relevant when dealing with gas appliances, as ignoring calling the specialist may result in gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions and fires.
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Our appliance technicians carry out the restoration in 5 main steps in Montreal

Another important advantage of hiring our team is careful planning and attention to detail at each stage of the project’s execution. Following such a comprehensive process, we provide high-quality service without missing minor defects and potential problems. Usually, it includes the next steps:

  1. Diagnose the issue. First, we will listen to the customer to get relevant information about the symptoms they have observed. Then, after the visual inspection, we will perform a comprehensive diagnostic of your device using top-notch tools like a pressure gauge and multimeter.
  2. Provide a detailed estimate. After the root of the problem is identified, we will explain what you need to do to get rid of an issue, and then we will announce the accurate final cost. Do not worry that our appliance repair company in Montreal takes prices from nowhere – we will calculate them based on transparent and fixed factors.
  3. Source needed parts. Next, we need to select and find suitable replacement parts. Usually, if the appliance is «outdated», it would be more difficult to find authentic components available, which may, in turn, affect the final bill.
  4. Carry out the restoration. After obtaining the required elements, our professionals will get to work. They will follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply their own tested methods to ensure that the procedure is carried out correctly and effectively.
  5. Final testing. Once the project is finished, we always check the repaired equipment to ensure all works as it should. Then, we run a series of tests to verify all fittings and connections, check the temperature settings and ensure the device’s general efficiency.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the equipment’s features and overall condition, such an algorithm may differ slightly. However, we are always attentive to details, and the restoration procedure itself will be performed in the shortest possible time. Remember that in 99% of cases, your dishwasher, dryer or fridge is subject to our services. Yet, our appliance technician in Montreal can advise you to change the device and help with its installation. From gasket replacements to complex gas equipment restorations, we’re always around the corner to assist you!