Our reliable Kingston appliance repair services are available round-the-clock!

Nowadays, household appliances are a vital part of our lives. Therefore, ensuring they are in good working order is very important. An appliance breakdown can cause anxiety and frustration. Alpha Appliance offers same-day Kingston Appliance repair services, ensuring your dryer or dishwasher is not left unrepaired for more than a few hours. What can we offer you?

Our technicians have many years of experience and a deep understanding of how to fix any appliance in your home, such as a refrigerator, washer or oven. It does not matter the brand or model of the device. If your unit is old or damaged beyond repair, we will inform you in advance and offer you an alternative solution. Contact us for support 24/7, or make an appointment on our website.

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We can repair any appliance in Kingston regardless of the issue

Alpha Appliance strives to meet the requirements of every customer, both commercial and domestic. We can install, fix and maintain appliances in Kingston, focusing on their condition and your personal preferences and requirements. Our specialists are equipped with the most modern tools and original components, use only proven methods and comply with gas regulations. We can offer a one-stop solution for all of the following problems:

  • The fridge does not cool
  • The washing machine’s hoses won’t come off;
  • The water in the dishwasher is too cold;
  • It takes too long to dry clothes;
  • The hob burners switch off automatically;
  • The oven isn’t able to reach the temperatures required
  • A cooktop operates loudly
  • The gas odour coming from the device;

This list is only one of the issues which our experts can repair. Our best appliance repair service in Kingston provides quick and safe solutions that will not damage your device or other property. This is especially important in the case of gas appliances, as ignoring a call to a specialist can lead to gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions and fires.
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Kingston appliance repair technicians do their work in five primary steps

Careful planning and attention to detail during project implementation are significant advantages of working with our team. Thanks to this, we do not miss anything. A typical repair process consists of the following steps:

  1. Find out the cause. We first talk to our clients to find out about their issues. Following the visual inspection, we’ll extensively analyse the device using the most advanced instruments, such as the multimeter and pressure gauge.
  2. Provide a detailed estimate. We will identify the root of the problem and suggest the best way to solve it. We will then provide you with an accurate estimate. Our appliance repair company in Kingston will not charge you extra – everything is calculated based on specific and clear factors.
  3. Find the part required. The next step is to find and select the right components to replace. If the appliance is “outdated”, finding authentic parts may be more difficult, which may affect the final price.
  4. Complete the restoration. Our experts will start work once they have received all the necessary components. We will follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use our own tried and tested technology to ensure the process is carried out correctly and efficiently.
  5. Final testing. We test the appliance once the project is completed to ensure it functions correctly. Then, we run a series of tests to check the connections and fittings, temperature settings, and the overall efficiency of the equipment.

The algorithm may vary slightly depending on the extent of the damage and the characteristics of the device. We pay special attention to detail and will complete the repair process as quickly as possible. Our appliance technician in Kingston will help you choose the right appliance for your needs and help you install it. We can help you with anything from a simple gasket replacement to more complex gas appliance repairs.