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Blomberg has been a leading kitchen appliances manufacturer for over a century, becoming one of the most universally recognized names in the field. Blomberg offers a wide range of devices to choose from. They also release several models of each product, allowing customers to choose devices that fit their requirements the most.

Alpha Appliance is an officially approved service company for all Blomberg products. Our specialists are thoroughly educated and regularly tested to stay unrivalled in the industry and provide any kind of fix you might need.

We provide round-the-clock Blomberg appliance repair service throughout the region and strive to finish the job in a single day! In addition to fast and affordable service, we reassure our customers by providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job.

No problem is too complex for our professional servicemen to identify and fix; whether your refrigerator is not cooling or your dishwasher is leaking, your laundry is wet from the dryer, or your oven isn’t keeping the right temperature, the expert service we provide guarantees the increased lifespan of your appliances and puts your mind at ease!

blomberg refrigerator repair

Blomberg refrigerator repair

blomberg fridge repair

Over the years, Blomberg has produced a number of various fridges. Different designs and capacities are developed to meet a diverse range of needs. Certainly, whatever the age or model of your Blomberg refrigerator, you want to be sure that all repairs are performed by a professional.

Our seasoned craftsmen are capable of fixing all possible fridge issues:

  • not cooling or defrosting;
  • loud operation;
  • freezing food;
  • water leakage;
  • not closing properly;
  • snow build-up and many others.

Our warehouses stock thousands of parts, allowing us to tackle the issue in a prompt and efficient manner at a reasonable cost, ensuring you have the best value for money.

blomberg washing machine repair

Blomberg washing machine repair

blomberg washer repair

Blomberg washers have become more sophisticated with the years, and these updates make them more efficient and easier to use. However, more advanced technology also increases the number of components that can fail or malfunction. The most common breakdowns include:

  • the machine won’t turn on;
  • the washer is leaking;
  • not finishing the cycle properly;
  • extreme noise, vibration or bouncing;
  • clothes coming out dirty.

Regardless of the model or age of your Blomberg washing machine, our crew will always be on hand to provide all tools and solutions that may be needed to make on-site repair!

blomberg dryer repair

Blomberg dryer repair

fix blomberg dryer

Like any other piece of equipment, a Blomberg dryer is prone to breakdown. You may find yourself in the following situations:

  • the dryer is not running correctly;
  • it does not have enough heat to dry textiles;
  • it heats up but does not whirl;
  • the dryer generates a lot of vibration;
  • a burning smell is produced during the operation.

We strongly urge you to contact our Blomberg dryer repair professionals as soon as possible so that you do not wind up having to spend a significant amount of money on replacement in the future.

blomberg dishwasher repair

Blomberg dishwasher repair

fix blomberg dishwasher

Who has time to wash up by hand? Dishwasher is a life-changing product that is reliable and comfortable to use. We can imagine the frustration you might feel when all of a sudden, it is out of order. That is why we provide speedy and cutting-edge Blomberg dishwasher repair solutions for all possible breakdowns, including:

  • overflowing;
  • dishwasher is leaking;
  • not drying dishes;
  • door not latching;
  • dishes coming out dirty;
  • noisy operation.
blomberg oven repair

Blomberg stove & oven repair

blomberg stove repair

Blomberg ovens and stoves are loved for their elegant, modern design and top-notch performance. Some common problems happening to these devices are:

  • not maintaining temperature;
  • failure to turn on or heat up;
  • igniter malfunction;
  • error codes on the panel;
  • temperature sensor failure;
  • broiler or fan breakdown.

We grasp the importance of getting your household assistants running smoothly as soon as possible. That is why we offer speedy, same-day Blomberg oven and stove repair that fit your timetable and your budget.

You can count on our dedicated service team to get your units in shape in no time! Stop searching for your nearest repair company, as you’ve found the experts at Alpha Appliance!

Long-lasting Blomberg appliance troubleshooting

What should you expect from choosing us for your Blomberg appliances service?

  • Our clients’ convenience is one of our top priorities. We’re not satisfied until your appliances are working as they are supposed to.
  • We respect your time – our team understands that you live a busy life, so we try to complete repairs in the shortest possible time. We respect your place – our motto is to leave your house cleaner than we found it.
  • Alpha Appliance has the most competitive prices, and we want you to take advantage of our favourable terms.
  • Our competent and courteous Blomberg specialists are capable of servicing all appliances and always ensure the repair is done at the highest level.
  • The only thing more upsetting than having a malfunctioning appliance is paying to have it repaired and then watching it break down again in no time. With Alpha Appliance, you get the job done right the first time, so you can enjoy using your appliances and put your worries to rest.

Alpha Appliance is where your needs come first!