The best LG appliances repair is already waiting for you!

Although major kitchen devices from LG are examples of high-quality built and smart technology, even they can fail. We will return your confidence and find a way to extend the life of your kitchen or laundry “mechanical friend.” With our LG appliance repair service, you don’t have to worry about the most complex breakdowns and the most challenging replacement of spare components.

We consider that even state-of-art tools cannot change the vast expertise of specialists. That’s why each member of our team has years of experience in this business. Moreover, they have many prestigious certifications like Red Seal and North American Technician Excellence (NATE) to prove their competence. Our same-day service is possible due to the quick response of our telephone support, which operates in 24/7 mode.

We are sure that any malfunction can be fixed by us. In only 1% of cases, the device turns out to be too worn out or outdated, because of which it will be cheaper to buy a new one. Anyway, we will inform you about such circumstances before the beginning of the restoration. With Alpha Appliance, superior LG repair is now more possible than ever.

authorized lg refrigerator repair service

LG fridge repair

best lg fridge repair canada

LG refrigerators became popular among Canadians because of their intuitive design and high efficiency. At the same time, they could suddenly start leaking, or their back could become overheated.

Our LG fridge repair service will deal with these and other possible malfunctions, among which are:

  • The fridge isn’t defrosting;
  • The refrigerator is too cold;
  • The ice maker is not working;
  • There is a high temperature in the fridge;
  • It produces weird noises during operation.

Initially, it may seem that you can handle these issues on your own. However, you will simply make things worse by not contacting us in time and attempting to restore it yourself.

lg dishwasher repair service near me

LG dishwasher repair

fix lg dishwasher

Whether you have a front or top control device, we will find the right approach to any broken dishwasher. From drain pump replacement to disposer unclogging – Alpha Appliance’s team will do everything necessary to bring your device back to life. For instance, we perform LG dishwasher repair when:

  • Buttons don’t work;
  • It is leaking from the motor area;
  • The device won’t latch;
  • Dishwasher won’t dry dishes;
  • The dishwasher won’t start;
  • It is overflowing.

If you don’t have the needed skills or experience, do not try to solve the problem on your own – call us or book a service online.

lg washing machine repair service

LG washing machine repair

authorized lg washer repair near me

Have you found that the device no longer works as it used to? Do not rush to find ways to restore it yourself because our expert can do it more qualitatively and without minimal risk for the washer. Our LG washing machine repair specialist regularly fixes the following:

  • The washer won’t agitate;
  • It is vibrating or shaking;
  • The washer won’t drain;
  • The washing machine leaks;
  • The washer stops mid-cycle.

Before we begin the restoration, we always run a thorough diagnostic to look for other malfunctions, which are not invisible to the average homeowner. Moreover, our telephone support works 24/7 to make it possible for an expert to be at your home within an hour after your call.

lg clothes dryer repair near me

LG dryer repair

lg dryer fix

LG’s stylish and functional drying machines have made laundry a pleasant process. However, such an enjoyable activity can be interrupted by the sudden breakdown of the device.

Our qualified LG dryer repair technician will help you if you are experiencing the following difficulties:

  • The dryer isn’t heating;
  • The device won’t start;
  • It takes too long to dry clothes;
  • It is overheating.

Regardless of the model, gas and electric dryers can be restored in the capable hands of our certified professionals.

lg oven repair service near me

LG stove & oven repair

lg electric and gas stove repair

Multifunctional cooking is no longer complicated when your kitchen is equipped with an oven. At the same time, this device is also prone to malfunction. We guarantee that our LG oven and stove repair will be cheaper than ordering take-out every night.

Our team often fixes the following errors:

  • The oven light is broken;
  • The stove door won’t shut;
  • It doesn’t bake evenly;
  • Damaged electric coils;
  • The temperature isn’t accurate;
  • The oven isn’t self-cleaning.

Our telephone support works 24/7 to make it possible for an expert to be at your home within an hour after your call. We are here to answer your questions and give you some helpful tips at any hour of the day or night.