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If your dryer is giving you a hard time, Alpha Appliance is the best place to go. Modern equipment, many years of experience, a high level of professional skills, the ability to supply original spare parts, low cost of work and a high level of customer service have made our company an industry leader. We work 24/7 and are ready to provide quality dryer repair in Winnipeg. Here is a list of services we offer:

  • Reconciliation of dryer repair conditions. The specialists of our call center agree with the client on all the terms of service: cost, duration of repair, and warranty.
  • Dependable repairs. After consultation, our specialists will replace the damaged part with a new one.
  • You receive your refurbished dryer returned. In the end, the customer receives a fully working device with a warranty.

Our certified specialists can restore the performance of your device during the first visit. We have many years of experience and deep knowledge in repairing dryers of all makes and models devices, so you can count on the best and most comprehensive service. What are the benefits of choosing our company for your “ fix my dryer in Winnipeg” request:

  • Quick response to calls and emails. Our experts arrive at the client’s location within half an hour;
  • Dryer diagnostics is free for everyone. The specialist determines the cause of the malfunction and the necessary spare parts to fix it;
  • Each spare part is covered by a warranty period in addition to the work performed;
  • To repair dryers of various brands, we use high-quality spare parts, a wide range of which is available in our warehouse.

Unparalleled dryer repair services in Winnipeg from true experts

Professional dryers are characterized by the reliable assembly and convenient functionality. Despite the fact that they are manufactured by trusted companies, the equipment can sometimes break down. Among the common malfunctions of dryers are the following:

  • The drum won’t rotate. This could be an issue with the bearing or motor failure.
  • A too long cycle. Most likely, the heating element of the thermostat has failed.
  • The dryer overheats. Failure of the heating element can cause this damage.
  • The device doesn’t stop. This could be a problem with the thermostat, heating element, or humidity sensor.
  • The dryer won’t warm up. Check the components that are responsible for heating the device: heating element, fuse, thermostat, etc.

Our specialists perform fast and efficient on-site repairs using original spare parts supplied by the manufacturers. We can provide quick assistance, preventive maintenance, and useful advice on utilizing your appliance properly.

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Our dryer technicians in Winnipeg always know what to do

Our service is unique because it combines professionalism and reasonable cost. These important qualities are the reason why our customers choose our service over the competitors. Regardless of the model or manufacturer of your dryer, our specialists can repair it. There are several reasons why our clients opt for our Winnipeg dryer repair service:

  • Our team of experts is highly trained in the nuances and vulnerabilities of dryers. They can handle typical and more complex problems;
  • The specialist’s visit and diagnosis of the problem are free of charge. The technician will inspect the device using modern equipment and inform you of the cost;
  • The price of the repair consists of several components, but it does not change after the agreement;
  • The specialist installs only original components from the manufacturer, which have undergone the necessary tests and are accompanied by the relevant documentation;
  • The repairs are covered by an official 90-day warranty.

Alpha Appliance’s same-day dryer troubleshooting in Winnipeg is affordable and of the highest quality. Our team is committed to providing superior value, expert workmanship, and excellent customer service!


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