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Alpha Appliance provides professional and affordable dishwasher repair in Winnipeg. We believe that the latest technology cannot replace the experience of specialists, and these elements should always work in tandem. Our technicians have years of experience in repairing kitchen appliances. They are equipped with everything necessary to solve any problem.

After the repair, you don’t have to worry about an overpriced bill – you will know the total cost of the service in advance. We will make sure that there are no “hidden charges” and it’s a real opportunity to choose the most suitable solution for your budget. Our experts can always offer better options, and we offer free service calls to resolve any issues.

We can work with all models of dishwashers and have seen numerous cases of fixing various malfunctions. Even if you have a dishwasher from a less popular manufacturer, you don’t need to search for “dishwasher troubleshooting in Winnipeg” – we will provide you with assistance as soon as possible!

Prompt dishwasher repair services in Winnipeg that give you some rest

Many homeowners face frequent breakdowns of their favourite kitchen appliances. Without experience, they are unable to determine the cause of a dishwasher failure. If the problem becomes really urgent, they are in no hurry to call a repairman thinking that it might cost a lot. This assumption is wrong and can make your device no longer usable. We have collected the most common issues that our customers face:

  • Dishwasher buttons not working;
  • The detergent is not being utilized in the dishwasher;
  • Dishwasher leaking out of the motor area;
  • The dishwasher emits an unpleasant smell;
  • Odd noises;
  • Dishwashers over-fills or under-fills;
  • Running for several hours;
  • Dry cycle issues.

The above-mentioned and other problems require the assistance of qualified specialists. We strongly recommend that you do not try to solve the issue yourself. Our team knows of many cases where homeowners without special knowledge decided to save money on repairs and then ended up needing a new dishwasher. Why is it better to hire our technicians?

No busy person will wait half a day for a dishwasher repair. We know this and provide high-quality repairs in a brief manner. Before completing the repair, we always conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify all the possible causes of the breakdown. Call us now and our local Winnipeg dishwasher repair technician will be at your doorstep within an hour. We are available 24/7 to assist you at any time.

We pay attention to the preferences of our customers. Our team believes that the key to a successful company is an individual approach to each client. We will politely explain in advance what problem needs to be solved and how much it will cost, as well as give you some useful tips on how to avoid problems in the future!

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Why choose our dishwasher technicians in Winnipeg

Today, it is not difficult to find a repair company, but a qualified technician is worth its weight in gold. Are you still in doubt as to why you should choose our same-day service?

Our company repairs dishwashers and installs and maintains kitchen appliances, including stoves, microwaves, dryers, gas appliances, and washing machines. We repair such brands as Samsung, Hisense, Fagor, LG, KitchenAid, Blomberg, Panasonic, Danby, Viking, Wolf, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and many more. Our team guarantees that the manufacturer of your device is definitely on this list!

We provide a full guarantee for the work. Our dishwasher fixer in Winnipeg will do the job right the first time. However, if your dishwasher does not seem to work perfectly after the repair, we will come back and fix it for you free of charge.

Our clients have left us numerous 5-star reviews – visit our website to check the results. So, the most reliable dishwasher repair service is in your neighborhood and will come to help at any time!


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