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The oven and stove malfunctions cannot go unnoticed. These essential elements of your kitchen are excellent opportunities to demonstrate your cooking skills and to please the family with warm dinners. If you notice that your devices do not work as before, do not delay its restorations or overpay for deliveries – call one of our licensed oven repair technicians in Toronto to get your appliance back to life.

At Alpha Appliance, we understand how heavily homeowners depend on their household devices. In order not to let you down at the most unsuitable moment, our services are designed to repair, install and maintain a variety of «mechanical friends»: refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, oven, stoves, dryers, washing machines, and gas equipment are covered by our expertise.

Each of our professionals has at least 10 years of experience behind their back, applies top-notch tools, and cares about your property. In addition, their skills are confirmed by top certifications like Red Seal and North American Technician Excellence (NATE).

Be sure that if your device is no longer subject to restoration, we will determine it and inform you in advance. There is no point in prolonging its operation for a few weeks – saving the money for a new purchase is better. However, in 99% of cases, our electric and gas stove repair in Toronto will become an effective solution for your equipment. Call us or book an appointment online – we’re always available to assist you!

Fix your stove or oven with top technicians of Toronto

Our team believes that initial professional diagnostics can not only prepare the device to solve an obvious problem but also uncover new, local malfunctions. That is why it is better to entrust it to our specialist, for whom this process is routine. However, many failures can be noticed by the average homeowner. If you face these, call us to fix your oven or stove professionally in Toronto.

  • Oven doesn’t bake evenly;
  • It has door malfunctions;
  • The fan isn’t working;
  • The stove light is out;
  • Its broiler isn’t operating;
  • The device’s meat thermometer isn’t working;
  • Its temperature isn’t accurate.

With only OEM spare parts, you won’t feel the efficiency of your device decreased. Moreover, the oven will serve you even longer than you think because we are guaranteed to find the malfunction cause and carefully perform every restoration:

My oven is not self-cleaning!

We believe the two reasons for this issue are the defective door lock motor and switch assembly. Their fault prevents the timely unlocking of the device’s door after the self-cleaning process is finished.

Then, we will double-check your control board. Depending on the temperature settings and sensor input, the oven’s control board will activate relays, providing power to the appropriate bake and broil circuits. In the event that your control board is defective, it may affect not only the self-cleaning cycle but complete oven operation. Anyway, such faulty components will be replaced with OEM spare parts.

My stove is not heating!

If you notice that your device has stopped executing its primary function, our specialist will first check the igniter. You can see whether the igniter is broken by monitoring it while the stove is on. Ignitors that remain lit for more than 90 seconds without starting the gas flame are too weak to operate correctly and require replacement.

Also, our repair will be useful if your bake element does not have continuity, which is another «no heating» cause. In that case, your «not glowing red» heating element will be changed with the new one from the original manufacturer.

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Why Toronto residents choose us for oven repair

We often hear stories from customers that choosing a reliable and affordable restoration company can take time and effort. To simplify this process, we have selected for you several reasons to hire our local team:

The Alpha Appliance specialists provide multi-brand assistance, including Viking, KitchenAid, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Dacor, Samsung, Wolf, Kenmore, Danby, LG, Maytag, etc. Be sure our Toronto oven repairs not limited to any model or manufacturer, allowing us to return to life any malfunctioning device safely.

We offer same-day service if you need one. This feature is available thanks to the teamwork of our round-the-clock customer support team and technicians with flexible schedules. In addition, if your oven failure is simple, does not require professional involvement, and can be solved yourself, our all-center managers will guide you through the process.

Our company’s policy implies 100% transparency and protection against «hidden fees». We will also provide you with the estimated price upfront, and the final cost in the bill will always match the voiced in advance – you pay only for what we did. Furthermore, our repair will be covered with a 90 days complete labour warranty.


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