Saanich Core appliance repair provides the most efficient service available on the same day

Appliances can fail at any time. It may be challenging to find a local expert who is certified and able to offer quick appliance repair at home. Alpha Appliance provides professional same-day services for a reasonable price.

Our team of local appliance repair technicians has the experience and knowledge to repair your devices most professionally. You can rest assured that your equipment will be restored to the top standards and will save you the expense of purchasing a new one. We have the expertise to repair various types of appliances such as gas units, washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators and more. Our company has the experience and the technology to provide top-quality results that are secure and last longer. Our Saanich Core appliance repair technicians are more knowledgeable than just basic. They can fix your appliance faster and more efficiently than you could ever imagine. We provide quick turnarounds, 24-hour assistance, and genuine parts to ensure that your appliances will last for a long time!
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Contact us now for the unsurpassed appliance repair service in Saanich Core

It’s no more a luxury to have appliances at home. They make everyday life easier and help us save time. Alpha Appliance will find an immediate solution to the problem if your appliance is broken. We provide:

Refrigerator repair

A refrigerator breakdown isn’t just a nuisance. You can lose food and mess up your day. The most common problems you may encounter are insufficient cooling, malfunctioning water or ice maker, loud noises, missing lights, leaks and ice build-up. Contact our expert to get same-day repair of your appliance if you are experiencing one of the above problems or any other issues affecting your refrigerator.

Dishwasher repair

You only realize how important your dishwasher is when it breaks down. We can fix any problem with your dishwasher, whether it’s a leak or a door that won’t close. To ensure your dishwasher is running optimally, we use only the highest-quality components.

Washing machine repair

You’ve spent a lot of money to purchase a washer and expect it to last for a long time. If it suddenly begins to malfunction (leaks or makes odd noises, doesn’t drain or spin or even worse, won’t start), our experts can ensure that your washing machine runs like there’s no problem at all!

Dryer repair

Drying clothes on a rack during the cold winter months is not a good idea if your dryer has suddenly stopped working. Our experts can solve any dryer problem, whether it’s a dryer that isn’t working, is excessively hot, or simply isn’t drying your laundry.

Stove repair

In just one visit, our experts can fix any stove, whether electric or gas having expertise in the field. Our technicians can repair any issue, be it a defective burner, a malfunctioning touchscreen or a weak flame, within a couple of hours.

Oven repair

It’s frustrating when your oven is broken. We can fix any problem, whether it’s a faulty element, a non-functioning thermostat, an error code on the display, a faulty fan or something more serious. Our technicians are highly trained and can provide a quick repair using the correct components and equipment.

Gas appliance repair

Although many gas appliances are designed to last for decades, they still need to be serviced from time to time, especially if they show clear signs of malfunction: flame colour changes, strong gas odour, faulty burners or unusual noises. We know how to handle any of these issues and keep your gas equipment in perfect condition.

There are numerous other problems that you may encounter. It is recommended to entrust the home appliance repair to our technicians to ensure a quick and efficient result!
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Our experts can provide a quick repair of your domestic appliance in Saanich Core

Many specialists address the symptoms, while we tackle the root of the problem and aim to restore your equipment once and for all. Our customers trust us and have confidence in our methods. We take great pride in what we do and are committed to providing an unrivalled level of service by offering:

  • Transparent pricing. Our rates are clear, transparent and free of hidden costs because we appreciate your trust.
  • Speedy service. When your equipment malfunctions, we know that you’d like to get it up and running as fast as possible. We’re committed to your safety and convenience, which is why we offer repairs on-site and promise speedy same-day service.
  • A team of professional and friendly experts. Only certified technicians work for us. They can fix your appliance efficiently and safely due to their technical knowledge and vast experience.

Are you tired of malfunctioning appliances causing havoc and taking up your time? Alpha Appliance is committed to offering the most efficient repair service!