Same-day appliance repair in View Royal

If one of your appliances fails, the best solution is to call an expert technician. DIY repairs can lead to new breakdowns and, at the very least, a risk of injury and are not only dangerous for you but also for the appliances.

Our professionals at Alpha Appliance are skilled and certified experts in the field of appliance repair. They can fix your refrigerator, oven, washer, and dryer, as well as other appliances, better and faster than others. Who else should you trust if not specialists with decades of background?  We have honed our professionalism to perfection and remain one of the most reliable appliance repair teams for ASAP appliance repair at home across Canada.

Along with repairs, Alpha Appliance provides reliable installation and maintenance services to both residential and commercial customers. Finally, we know the specifics of different appliance manufacturers, allowing us to provide high-quality service for any brand, including Bosch, Haier, AEG, Kenmore, Electrolux, Panasonic, and many other brands.

No challenge is too big for us. We will repair your unit to the highest standard if you trust us!

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Fast and efficient home appliance repair in View Royal

As we mentioned above, we can reliably repair any household appliance, regardless of its condition. This is possible thanks to our experience, the efficiency of our practices, manufacturer-supplied spare parts and a thorough approach. In particular, our experts carry out a detailed inspection to identify signs of a fault, determine the root cause (to avoid repeated breakdowns), carry out a reliable repair and then test the appliance. Here are the services our View Royal appliance repair technicians can provide:


Common breakdowns we deal with include leaks, ice buildup, noise, insufficient or overly cooling and constant running.

Condensers, compressors and evaporators are all part of a larger system of your refrigerator. We can solve problems effectively because of our thorough understanding of the components and how they work together. Our knowledge of electrical systems helps us to solve issues related to motors and fans, as well as control boards.


We deal with a variety of common breakdowns like leaks, dirty dishes and inadequate drainage.

We look for any simple problems, such as clogged filters or debris in the sprayers. After all, often this machine can refuse to work because of small issues. We will inspect the control board, drain water heating system, heat source, rinse aid, and other dishwasher systems to determine if the problem is significant.


We solve the following problems: slow or improper draining, unpleasant odours, damaged clothes and inability to re-fill with water.

If there is a problem, we can simply clean the washing machine drum, adjust the assembly, or check the drum for sharp objects. In some cases, the repair will require replacing the motor or repairing the wiring inside. Either way, we have enough knowledge to conduct fast home appliance repair.


The most common problems we encounter are overheating, excessive noise and vibration and turning off mid-cycle.

While some dryer problems can be attributed to a specific cause, the problem may depend on the model. We take the time to determine the cause of each problem when troubleshooting each case. Alpha Appliance also maintains an organized stock of frequently used spare parts to minimize downtime.


Common breakdowns we encounter are gas flow issues, ignition problems, slow heating and clicks on the gas stoves.

We put safety first and adhere to all regulations when repairing stoves. We invest in top tools and equipment to repair the appliances securely, so you can rest assured of a safe and reliable repair.


We tackle the following common breakdowns: too low or high temperature in the oven, uneven cooking and a malfunctioning oven door.

The root of the problem is often hidden in the smallest places and crevices of the oven. That’s why our technicians carefully and accurately analyze the problem using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to identify the cause of the problem before starting the repair. We then test the appliance to ensure your safety.

Gas appliances

We deal with the following common breakdowns: gas odour, inconsistency of temperature, defective indicators or controls and weak burner flame.

All Alpha Appliance specialists are certified and go through gas engineer training courses on an ongoing basis, which guarantees repairs are done following the most recent safety and quality standards. Therefore, regardless of whether the issue is in the gas appliance ignition or venting system, we ensure that it is resolved with the utmost safety.

We provide high-end repair services for both small and bigger issues, delivering reliable appliance repair

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Express domestic appliance repair in View Royal with a number of benefits

Now you know what items we can fix and how. Discover why Alpha Appliance is the best option for you!

✅Quick same-day service
Sometimes, you don’t have time to wait until tomorrow because faulty appliances can threaten your home and family. We react immediately to emergencies and do our best to protect!
✅24/7 customer support
To prove our commitment, we are pleased to tell you that our team is available 24/7/365 for appointments or urgent repairs!
✅Professional approach
We use only the most reliable, thoughtful, and skilled methods when repairing appliances for our customers.
✅Warranty on parts and labor
Whether we fix the oven door in minutes or replace a washing machine motor, you will receive an extended guarantee in every situation. It’s because your security is our top priority.

To fix your appliance today, contact Alpha Appliance now!