Our Oak Bay Appliance Repair company provides the most efficient service available on the same day

Household appliances can fail at any time. When this happens, it isn’t always easy to find a local technician who is qualified and can offer quick appliance repair at home. Alpha Appliance provides professional same-day services at an affordable price!

Our local team of appliance repair technicians has the knowledge and experience to restore your equipment professionally. You can be at ease knowing that they’ll conduct repairs according to the most stringent standards, meaning you won’t have to be concerned about buying the new appliance. We are true experts in resolving issues with a wide range of devices, including washers, refrigerators, ovens, dryers, dishwashers, gas appliances, and many more. Our company has the expertise and technology to offer you top-quality results that are durable and safe. Our Oak Bay appliance repair technicians are more knowledgeable than just basic. They will fix your appliance more quickly and efficiently than you think is possible. We offer fast turnarounds, 24-hour support and genuine parts so that your appliances last for a long time!

Refrigerator repair Oak Bay

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The convenience of having appliances in your home is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. They make our everyday life more comfortable and save us time. When one of your devices breaks down, Alpha Appliance tries to find the solution as quickly as possible to alleviate the discomfort. We offer:

Refrigerator repair

A refrigerator failure is more than just an inconvenience. It can lead to food loss and ruin your day. A lack of cooling, ice or water dispenser issues, excessive noise, lack of light, leaks and ice buildup are the most common issues you could experience. If your refrigerator is showing these or other issues affecting its operation, you should call our refrigerator repair techs promptly to get same-day repair of your appliance. 

Dishwasher repair

You realize how important your dishwasher is when it stops working. We can solve any dishwasher problem regardless of whether it’s a leak, a door that isn’t closing, poor cleaning or long washing cycles. We use only the best genuine parts to ensure that your dishwasher works optimally.

Washing machine repair

You spent a lot of money to purchase a washing machine that would last for a long time. If it suddenly begins to fail – leaks, makes unusual noises, won’t drain and spin, or worse, won’t start, our experts know how to get your device to run like there’s not any problem at all!

Dryer repair

Hanging your clothes on a clothesline in the winter is not the best idea if your dryer suddenly stops functioning. Our experts can solve any dryer problem, whether it isn’t working, overheating, or just not drying your clothes.

Stove repair

In one visit, our experts can repair any type of stove, whether electric or gas thanks to their vast expertise in the field. Broken burners, weak flames, a damaged touch panel or any other problem will be fixed within hours, and you’ll return to enjoying the smooth operation of your appliance.

Oven repair

Dealing with an oven breakdown is frustrating. We can fix any problem that arises, whether it’s a non-functioning element, a broken thermostat, an error code on the display, a non-functioning fan or something more serious. Our technicians know their trade and will ensure you get a quick repair with the right parts and equipment.

Gas appliance repair

Although many gas appliances have been designed to last for years, they must be serviced from time to time, particularly if they show obvious signs of failure such as a change in flame colour, a strong gas smell, malfunctioning burners or unusual noises.

There are plenty of other issues that you could encounter. It is best to leave the home appliance repair to our experts to ensure quick and efficient results!

Oven Repair Oak Bay

Our experts can provide fast domestic appliance repairs in Oak Bay

We try to address the cause of the problem while other technicians deal with the symptoms. This method has helped us gain the trust and respect of our customers. We take great pride in our work and strive to offer an unrivalled level of service by offering:

  • Transparent pricing. We appreciate your trust and therefore our pricing is always clear and transparent and there are no hidden charges. Thus, you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.
  • Fast service. We realize that when your equipment breaks down, you’ll need it repaired as quickly as possible. Our clients’ safety is our top priority. This is why we perform on-site repairs and promise prompt service.
  • A friendly and licensed team. We employ only qualified technicians. They can fix your appliance efficiently and safely thanks to their technical expertise.

Are you fed up with your broken appliances causing chaos and taking up your time? Alpha Appliance strives to provide the most cost-effective, durable and prompt repair service that you will be impressed with!