Emergency and high-quality appliance repairs are always available in Huntley!

The lifespan of any household appliance can be reduced by sudden failure, regardless of its quality or effectiveness. The best solution isn’t always to replace the entire device. Our technicians can quickly and easily restore the optimal performance of your broken appliance.

Alpha Appliance hires only experienced repairers. Our team uses high-quality tools and proven repair methods. We also have local offices in more than 120 cities across Canada, which means we’re always close by, wherever you are. Our team has been helping customers with their home issues for years, and we’ve received positive reviews. Contact our professionals today to avoid having to replace your device.

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What issues can our all-brand home appliance repair experts eliminate in Huntley?

Every appliance, from your dishwasher to your oven, serves a specific purpose: to make your life more convenient and comfortable. If your appliance is malfunctioning, the issue might be more serious than just an inconvenience. It could cause your bills to rise and your device to stop working. Alpha Appliance is your one-stop solution for all your appliance problems. Our team can assist you quickly and effectively.

  • Failure of the heating element;
  • Thermostat malfunction;
  • Lint accumulation;
  • Door latch troubles;
  • The drum isn’t spinning.

We have the expertise to address all of these issues promptly. Our team will carefully inspect your dryer on-site to identify any problems and replace any worn-out components. Our goal is to complete every project within the announced timeframe.

  • Malfunctioning detergent dispenser;
  • Water not draining;
  • Leaking door seal;
  • Broken spray arm;
  • Broken control panel.

We thoroughly inspect every component during dishwasher repairs to accurately identify any issues. Our services include repairing drainage problems and replacing door seals, control panels, and spray arms. We only use OEM spare parts for long-lasting and effective repairs.

  • The burner won’t light;
  • Broken heating components;
  • Problems with temperature control; 
  • Issues with control knobs;
  • Problem with the indicator lights.

Our experts are capable of resolving any issues you may have with your stove. They can replace broken control knobs, fix ignition problems, repair heating elements in ovens and stoves, and adjust temperature settings.

Gas appliances
  • Ignition problems;
  • Gas leaks;
  • Burner malfunction;
  • Thermocouple failure;
  • Pilot light issues.

Working with gas appliances requires special knowledge and certification, so choosing our team is the best decision. We will quickly evaluate your device on site, identify the exact source of the problem, and eliminate it in no time. Additionally, all projects are completed in compliance with local codes.

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Why do clients call us «recommended appliance repair» in Huntley?

There are numerous companies in Canada that provide on-site repair services. However, it is essential to hire true professionals, as not all repair companies can deliver high-quality work along with a client-oriented attitude. Alpha Appliance offers the following advantages:

  • All-brand service. We can repair appliances from any brand, whether they are expensive or affordable.
  • Same-day assistance. Our team offers emergency assistance that can be provided on the same day you call us.
  • 3-month warranty. We stand by our repair work with a warranty because we believe in its quality. If you need any appliance repair during this time, we will fix it at no charge.
  • Affordable prices. Our aim is to maintain affordable rates so that you can manage unforeseen appliance repairs. Our transparent pricing guarantees that no extra costs will be included in your final bill.