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The malfunctioning of the oven or stove can’t go unnoticed. After all, these kitchen appliances provide great opportunities to show off your cooking skills and provide warm meals for your family. Don’t waste time if your oven isn’t functioning as it is supposed to. Instead, contact our oven repair service in Halifax!

Each of our professionals has years of experience, applies top-notch tools, and cares about your property. Furthermore, their expertise is backed by top certifications like Red Seal and North American Technician Excellence (NATE).

You may be confident that if your equipment is no longer eligible for restoration, we will determine it and notify you in advance. It is useless to keep it running for a few more weeks if you can save money for a new buy. But, in the vast majority of cases our electric and gas stove repair service in Halifax can be a viable solution for your equipment.

Fix your stove or oven with top technicians of Halifax

Our team thinks that preliminary professional diagnostics can prepare the equipment to address an obvious problem and identify new flaws. This is why it’s better to entrust it to our expert, for whom this process is regular.

These are the top problems that homeowners often face. Luckily, we can help you to handle all of them:

  • Uneven baking;
  • The door doesn’t work;
  • Malfunctioning fan;
  • The stove light is out;
  • Faulty broiler;
  • The temperature is not accurate.

You won’t notice a decrease in the efficiency of your oven since we utilize OEM spare parts. Moreover, the oven will last longer than you imagine because we not only reliably fix your stove in Halifax but also pinpoint the root of the issue and carefully perform every restoration, including the following:

My oven doesn’t self-clean!

The two main reasons for this issue are the malfunctioning door lock motor and the switch assembly. The problem is that they prevent the timely unlocking of the device’s door after the self-cleaning procedure.

Then, we will double-check the control board. This part will engage relays, giving power to the appropriate bake and broil circuits based on the temperature settings and sensor input. If your control board fails, it may disrupt the self-cleaning cycle and the entire oven performance. Such faulty components will, in any case, be replaced with OEM spare parts.

My stove doesn’t heat!

If you discover that your appliance has stopped executing its primary function, our oven technician in Halifax will check the igniter. The igniters that stay in flame for longer than 90 seconds and do not start the gas flame are malfunctioning and need replacement.

Additionally, we can help if the bake element doesn’t have continuity, which is a different issue causing no heating. If your oven isn’t glowing green, the heating element will be replaced with a new one by the manufacturer who originally made it.

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Why Halifax residents choose us for oven repairs

Customers often tell us that finding a reliable, cost-effective restoration company can be challenging. So we’ve compiled a list of reasons you should choose our Halifax oven repair team to make it easier for you to manage the process.

  • The Alpha Appliance specialists provide multi-brand assistance, which includes Viking, KitchenAid, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Dacor, Samsung, Kenmore, Danby, LG, Maytag and many more.
  • We provide same-day service if you require it. This service is made possible thanks to the cooperation of our round-the-clock customer support team and technicians with flexible schedules.
  • Our company’s policy implies absolute transparency and protection against hidden fees. We will provide you with the estimated price in advance, and the final price on the bill will always match the one you approved initially. You pay only for what we do!

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