Same-day appliance repair in Cornwall worth choosing

Do you need top-quality express appliance repair at home? Alpha Appliance is the only company that is guaranteed to give you the best results!

Our company is determined to remain an industry leader by providing professional and thorough repair services. Our experts will come to you in fully stocked vehicles with complete kitchen and laundry appliance repair equipment within the same day you call. Our repair services are available for washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves and other devices. Our staff is supplied with the latest equipment and has the necessary skills to install, service and repair home appliances.

We are ready to fix appliances of different brands and are well-trained in various repair methods. Our technicians are uniformed, certified and insured for your peace of mind. Our service vans are filled with genuine parts which allows us to repair your devices within one visit. We are a compassionate and reliable Cornwall appliance repair company that is known for our personalized approach to our customers. Contact us today to get expert appliance repair assistance today!

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Get your appliances repaired by top-rated experts in Cornwall today

Alpha Appliance can service any brand or model of appliance and works to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by updating and applying new technologies to keep up with the times. Our technicians are licensed and certified, which allows them to repair even the most complicated breakdowns:

Refrigerator repair

No model or brand of refrigerator can escape the expertise of our refrigerator repair specialists. Whether it’s a faulty thermostat or a cooling problem, entrust your appliance to our experienced technicians for fast, quality repairs using genuine certified factory parts!

Dishwasher repair

Small issues that affect the quality of performance and require appliance repair may be required even if the device is generally in working order. We have a repair option for every customer. Whether your dishwasher is old or brand new, we will quickly diagnose, repair damaged parts and get your dishwasher back in working order!

Washer repair

It’s frustrating when your washing machine doesn’t work after you’ve loaded a whole tub of laundry. In case of a breakdown, call our experts as soon as possible! The most common problems that can cause your washing machine to malfunction and prevent it from performing its important task are leaks, lack of drainage, poor quality laundry and many others. Our washing machine repair experts can solve all of these problems easily!

Dryer repair

Whether the cause of the malfunction is a mechanical problem, motor issues, a faulty circuit breaker, or lack of proper maintenance, you can count on our dryer repair experts to find the right solution.

Stove repair

Our technicians are experienced in fixing all models of stoves in one visit. A broken or faulty burner, damaged touch panel, weak flame or any other problem will be fixed within a few hours, regardless of the type of appliance you have.

Oven repair

An oven malfunction can be quite a hassle, and it is particularly annoying if it occurs while cooking. Many problems can arise with your oven. These include the oven not turning on or not heating properly, error codes on the display, automatic cleaning malfunction, broken light bulbs, uneven cooking, etc. Call us today for immediate oven repair.

Gas appliances repair

Our repair technicians will be happy to repair your gas appliances. We can fix any gas leak, clogged ignition system or burner malfunction. Our experience is complemented by ongoing training and education, allowing us to safely handle any repair, no matter how complex.

Our best home appliance repair specialists perform quality diagnostics and replace damaged components if necessary. The parts and services we offer are covered by our company’s warranty. Remember that proper care will ensure the smooth operation of your appliance and extend its service life!
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Immediate repairs to your domestic appliances in Cornwall are only one phone call away

Above all, we know your equipment inside and out. With our extensive training and knowledge, we can easily handle any problem. When you choose us to service your appliances, you get:

  • Licensed specialists. Our technicians have the expertise, tools and know-how to ensure the proper care for your equipment.
  • Safe service. Fast, high-quality repairs are backed up by warranty.
  • Original spare parts. We fix appliances of all brands using only genuine parts. This will ensure a long lifespan and smooth operation of your equipment.
  • Same-day repairs. It isn’t a good idea to wait for hours to find a technician on their schedule when your device is broken. Our fully-stocked vans are equipped with genuine parts and tools to tackle even the most complicated repairs in a day!