Emergency and high-quality appliance repairs are always available in Caledonia!

Unexpected damage to your household appliances can drastically reduce their lifespan. You should not immediately replace your entire device. Put your broken appliance in the hands of our technicians who are equipped with all the tools necessary to get it back up and running.

Alpha Appliance employs repairers who have years of experience. They also use top-notch tools and only repair methods proven effective for various household appliances. Our local offices in Canada are spread across over 120 cities, making them accessible to all Canadians. For years, we have been helping people with household problems, and we have thousands of positive reviews on Google, HomeStars, and other sites. Our team can save you from having to replace your entire device!

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What issues can our all-brand home appliance repair experts eliminate in Caledonia?

From the dishwasher to your stove, every appliance has a function: to make your daily life easier and more convenient. It can be more than an annoyance when your appliance stops working. Your bills could skyrocket, and the device may stop working. Alpha Appliance offers a comprehensive solution — our team of experts is able to provide appliance troubleshooting services quickly and efficiently.

  • Heating element failure;
  • Thermostat failure;
  • Lint accumulation;
  • Problems with door latches;
  • The drum is not spinning.

Our experts will respond quickly and efficiently. On-site, we will thoroughly examine your dryer to find the root cause of any problems and replace any worn-out elements. Each project will be completed on time, with high quality, and done correctly the first time.

  • Malfunctioning detergent dispenser;
  • Water draining slowly;
  • Leaking door seal;
  • Broken spray arm;
  • Broken control panel.

We thoroughly inspect all components to accurately diagnose the issue. We will resolve drainage issues and replace the spray arm, control panel, and door seal. Our repairs are not only efficient but also long-lasting due to the use of OEM spare parts.

  • The burner won’t light;
  • Broken heating components;
  • Problems with temperature control; 
  • Issues with control knobs;
  • Problem with the indicator lights.

We can fix any issues with your cooktop or stove. This includes ignition problems, replacing damaged control knobs, and repairing heating elements. We also have all the necessary equipment to change indicator lights and adjust temperature settings.

Gas appliances
  • Ignition problems;
  • Gas leaks;
  • Burner malfunction;
  • Thermocouple failure;
  • Pilot light issues.

Our team provides a great solution for gas units. Working with them requires special certifications and skills. We will evaluate your device on-site to identify the exact cause of any problems. All repairs will be completed in accordance with local codes.

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Why do clients call us «recommended appliance repair» in Caledonia?

Numerous companies and contractors provide on-site restoration in Canada. However, it’s important to find professionals who can deliver high-quality services with a customer-focused approach. Alpha Appliance offers the following benefits:

  • All-brand service. No matter if you have an expensive or affordable appliance, we can fix it regardless of the brand or model.
  • Same-day assistance. We offer emergency services to help restore your household routine as quickly as possible after a breakdown.
  • 3-month warranty. If any issues come up during the warranty period, we will fix your appliance quickly and at no extra cost.
  • Affordable prices. Our pricing is fair and affordable for everyone. With our upfront estimate, you won’t have any unexpected charges on your bill.