Same-day appliance repair in Whitby

We’ve all been there – a washing machine making holes in clothes, an oven going into blackout mode without rhyme or reason, or a dishwasher leaving plates dirty. All these appliance tricks can make homeowners feel deprived. Luckily, Alpha Appliance is here to help you no matter what happens. And whenever it happens!

Our repair company has provided express appliance repair at home nationwide for years. We can fix any level of damage, whether it’s a broken dryer door or a faulty refrigerator motor. Moreover, our highly skilled specialists possess extensive knowledge of all appliance brands, enabling them to identify and resolve any issues swiftly.

We can describe our professionalism and expertise at length, but all companies do this to attract clients. Therefore, we recommend checking the reviews about us on Google, Facebook, and HomeStars. This way, you’ll get proof that we are the best choice for repairing your appliance!

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Quality home appliance repair in Whitby

With reliability, safety, and care in mind, our Whitby technicians provide appliance repair for the following appliances:


We specialize in fixing various issues related to refrigerators, such as leaks, ice buildup, constant running, noisy operation, etc. Our team of experts deeply understands the complex systems that make up a fridge and how they function together. With this knowledge, they can promptly diagnose the reason for the problem and implement a solution that ensures it never occurs again.


The most common problems we fix include failure to start, dirty dishes, leaks, bad smells, and improper drainage. If the problem is simply due to debris in the sprinklers or clogged filters, we will promptly clean everything up and restore the unit to working order. However, when more severe issues arise, we thoroughly check the control board, water supply systems, and other parts. We have the expertise to provide a proficient small fix and a major appliance repair in no time. 


Your washing machine may face tough times due to a dirty drum or a faulty motor. While a dirty drum can be fixed by cleaning, a malfunctioning motor may require a replacement. Whatever replacement parts you need, you have no reason to worry! We always have spare parts from the manufacturer on hand to make replacements on the same day.


If your dryer is shutting off in the middle of a cycle, overheating, leaving your clothes wet, or making excessive noise, it can be a frustrating experience. Luckily, Alpha Appliance pros have mastered advanced practices to repair all these issues, ensuring minimal downtime. Get back to your daily routine without any further inconvenience!


A stove breakdown can cause significant damage to your home and health, be it gas flow issues or igniter problems. So, we follow all safety norms and regulations when fixing these appliances. Therefore, you can depend on us to provide the best possible service and ensure 100% safety for your family and home.


We handle dozens of common oven breakdowns, such as incorrect temperature readings, dark ovens, uneven cooking, and malfunctioning doors. With our vast experience repairing items of all brands and safety as a top priority, you can rest assured that we will handle any issues in the most secure way possible.

Gas appliances

With Alpha Appliance’s certified gas engineers, you can trust that any problem with your gas appliance’s ignition or ventilation will be solved, leaving you with peace of mind and a safer home.

Pro tip from experts: DIY repairs can provoke multiple negative consequences, from incorrect diagnosis and shortening appliance lifespan to fire hazards. Therefore, you should think twice before attempting repairs without specialists. Especially if you are going to fix appliances with spare parts you bought yourself. After all, DIY solutions can cost more than even the most complex repairs or replacements.

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Choose our all-appliances domestic repair in Whitby and get multiple benefits

Our top-notch services have helped us become leading specialists in the industry and the preferred choice of our customers. Here are a few things that make us better than others:


Affordable prices without compromising on quality

Our pricing policy revolves around our clients, making all our services budget-friendly. You don’t have to choose between price and quality since we offer both at the best price. Additionally, we provide discounts and coupons on various services. You can check them out on our website! 

Round-the-clock availability

24/7/365 service right to your door

Appliances can malfunction at any time, leading to emergencies. Hence, our professional assistance is available whenever you need us. The operators respond to your call promptly, and technicians arrive at your doorstep as quickly as possible. 


Fully covered repairs and spare parts

Our best appliance repair service comes with a long-term guarantee, including the spare parts we install. With Alpha Appliance, you never have to pay twice.