Emergency gas and electric appliance repair in Toronto Downtown you can trust

Alpha Appliance is a leading repair company recognized for its expertise, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our technicians hold numerous certifications that prove their deep knowledge in the field. Our services cover multiple units, including fridges, washers, dishwashers, dryers, and gas appliances.

What makes us unique is a thorough approach to every repair job. In particular, we always start with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to pinpoint the exact issue and use only high-quality appliance repair parts of popular brands. Also, our technicians rigorously test the unit at the final step to ensure optimal performance. Another benefit that differentiates us from others is transparency. We always provide a detailed cost estimate before any work begins. This way, our clients can rest assured that there will be no hidden fees.

Choose Alpha Appliance for top-quality repair services. Let the experts handle malfunctions from the start.

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24/7 home appliance fixes in Toronto Downtown

No matter which unit our technicians repair, they consistently deliver satisfactory service in all aspects, including reliability and price. Most often, the pros from our licensed appliance repair service fix the following appliances and malfunctions:

  • Compressor issues. Our specialists diagnose the problem by checking the unit’s electrical components, refrigerant levels, and condition. We repair leaks, recharge refrigerant, fix wiring issues, and replace irreparable compressors.
  • Thermostat problems. We test the thermostat and check for electrical or mechanical malfunctions. If it is out of calibration, we recalibrate it. Our technicians can also replace the thermostat itself if it is beyond repair.
  • Leaks. Sometimes, clogged defrost drains may cause the leakage. Our specialists quickly resolve this issue by cleaning. In other cases, we may need to fix a water supply line or replace a filter or drain pan.
  • Drum not spinning. Our technicians inspect the motor, belt, and lid switch for faults or wear. Then, they fix or replace damaged components to restore proper drum function.
  • Water drainage problems. We check the drain pump, hoses, and filters since clogs or damage can cause the issue. Then, the specialists clean or replace these parts and restore water drainage on the same day.
  • Door lock issues. The first step our team takes in this case is a rigorous inspection of the mechanism and control board. Based on the findings, we fix or replace defective parts and leave only after ensuring the door locks securely.
  • Poor cleaning. A dirty or damaged dishwasher’s spray arms, filters, and detergent dispenser can worsen your unit’s operation. So, we clean or replace clogged or malfunctioning parts to fix the issue.
  • Unusual noises. Alpha Appliance experts inspect the dishwasher’s motor, pump, and bearings. Then, they tighten loose components and lubricate moving parts, which usually eliminates noise. If necessary, we replace faulty components. Whether you have a Thermador or Bosch appliance and need help, we are ready to assist.
  • No draining. We remove blockages from clogged drain hoses, pumps, and filters. However, the issue may require checking and replacing the drain pump and impeller.


  • No heating. First, our technicians examine the heating element, thermostat, and thermal fuse. Specifically, they test them for continuity and then replace defective parts. We can also clean the dryer vent and duct, which affects heating efficiency.
  • No spinning. We tighten or replace loose or broken components, including the drive belt, motor, and drum rollers. Also, we can lubricate the idler pulley to improve unit performance.
  • Overheating. Lint buildup or obstructions usually restrict airflow and make your dryer too warm. So, our technicians investigate the lint trap, exhaust vent, and blower wheel. We can also check and replace the thermostat and heating element to prevent overheating. 
Gas appliances
  • Ignition problems. Our pros inspect the igniter, burner assembly, and gas valve. Then, they clean or replace clogged or malfunctioning components to restore ignition. Additionally, we can check the gas supply line for leaks and ensure proper connections.
  • Inconsistent heating. Obstructions or malfunctions in the burner assembly or gas valve usually cause the issue. So, we clean or replace clogged or damaged parts and check the thermostat and temperature sensors for accurate temperature control.
  • Gas leakage. Alpha Appliance team uses specialized equipment to detect leaks in the supply line, connections, and unit components. We repair faulty parts and guarantee the safety of your home according to the latest standards.

Note: We also fix freezers, ovens, stoves, and cooktops. 

Contact our after-hours appliance repair team whenever you need. We deliver only durable and safe solutions.

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Why should you choose our domestic appliance services in Toronto Downtown?

Numerous technicians in the area can fix your unit. However, Alpha Appliance stands out by offering the key benefits that all clients look for in repair services:

  • All-brand appliance repair. We have the expertise to fix units from all major manufacturers. So, you can turn to us, no matter the make or model of your fridge or washer.
  • 3-month guarantee. If issues arise within the warranty period, we address them promptly and at no additional cost.
  • Affordable pricing. Alpha Appliance keeps costs competitive without compromising on quality. Furthermore, our transparent pricing structure ensures customers know how much they pay upfront.
  • Same-day service. In emergencies, our company ensures you are never left without essential appliances for a long time.
  • Personal approach. We discuss your specific needs, preferences, and budget constraints before starting repairs or replacements and consider all these factors when providing a service.

Amana, Samsung, Bosch, Kenmore appliance repair, you name it. Contact us and we will fix everything for you.