Same-day appliance repair is no longer a dream in Delta!

Investing in home appliances is a great way to improve your health and comfort. However, it’s important to remember that your favourite appliance doesn’t last forever. While there may be situations where replacing the entire appliance is the only solution, in most cases, repairing it is a more cost-effective option.

At Alpha Appliance, we have all the necessary resources to provide you with efficient and quick appliance repair services at home, regardless of the brand or model of your unit. Our team comprises certified professionals with years of practical experience in the field. We equip all of our technicians with the best tools and OEM parts to ensure that the unit functions as efficiently as before the repair.

Before fixing the unit, we always conduct a thorough diagnostic. This means that in most instances, our Delta appliance repair company will fix your unit on the same day. If the unit is beyond repair or the damage is too serious, we will inform you before recommending the most suitable replacement.

To make an appointment, call us now or schedule online. We guarantee an individual approach to each customer.

Washer repair in Delta

Our team can provide high-quality home appliance repair in Delta at your convenience!

It is important to consider all possible dangers before contacting professionals or using advice on how to repair household appliances. Unprofessional actions could lead to additional damage or even void the manufacturer’s warranty. Not only that but there’s also a risk of serious harm to your health, such as electrical shocks or fires. On the other hand, relying on our team means you’re putting your appliance in the hands of experienced professionals who can quickly troubleshoot and repair it without resorting to trial-and-error methods. Our experts are well-versed in the following fields:

  • Refrigerator repair;
  • Dishwasher repair;
  • Washing machine repair;
  • Dryer repair;
  • Stove repair;
  • Oven repair;
  • Gas appliances repair;

You can rest assured that we will solve any problem you encounter, whether it’s strange noises or temperature fluctuations. Here are some of the most common issues we encounter regularly:

The dryer is overheating

When temperatures during operation become exceptionally high, the appliance and anything in contact with it on the outside is at a higher risk of catching fire. The most common causes of such accidents are a faulty heating element, problems with airflow, and a broken drive motor. Our technicians have the expertise to repair the heating component, clean the dryer’s venting system, and replace any other defective components.

The refrigerator is not cooling

Based on our experience, the most common reason for this issue is dirty coils in the condenser, which leads to insufficient heat dissipation. During our visit, we will effectively clean the coils with minimal hassle and ensure the fridge maintains the correct temperature. If required, we will also replace any faulty parts.

The washer won’t spin

You don’t need to buy new washers just because your unit is malfunctioning. Our team of experts will inspect components such as suspension rods, lid switch assemblies, control boards, and drive belts to fix your appliance. We will repair any defective parts to ensure your washing machine works again.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals today for expert assistance with your household appliances!

gas appliance repair in Delta

Choosing our fast domestic appliance repair service in Delta is beneficial for various reasons!

In today’s highly competitive market, it is no exaggeration to say that finding a reliable repair company is difficult. Alpha Appliance maintains high customer service and workmanship standards and has been an efficient and reliable service for thousands of homeowners across Canada. What makes us the best in the business?

We save you time

Our staff will arrive within hours of your first phone call. With flexible working hours and round-the-clock customer service, our technicians are ready to repair your appliances on the same day. We will help you avoid any further damage until the technician arrives.

We offer insured assistance

What is the difference between a reliable service and a DIY guide? We provide a full guarantee for the work to resolve any issues arising after the restoration! You can be sure that our specialists will return to your home and repair your device in case of unforeseen circumstances.

We promise transparent pricing

We have a “no hidden costs” policy, which means that all of our steps will be agreed upon with you, and the initial price remains the same until the job is completed. We also regularly check the Canadian market to make sure our prices are affordable for everyone.