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An oven is an irreplaceable and absolutely crucial part of anyone’s kitchen. Think just how many delicious meals and desserts can be made with the use of this appliance. Of course, after purchasing an oven or a stove, you would have to install it. That is exactly what Alpha Appliance is here for! We have certified technicians with over 10 years of experience working with domestic appliances, so you do not have to dwell on the quality of our work.

It goes without saying that when searching for the installation service, you actually need something to get installed. That is where Alpha Appliance would be of great assistance to you as well! Due to our colossal appliance catalog with an enormous choice of oven types and brands, we can not only install it at your house but also help you in choosing just the right one and follow the whole purchase and installation process through and through.

With the highly modern tools and equipment which our handymen are using, other services, like cooktop and stove replacement, will not be a problem at all. Simply dial our number and get a new oven set up at your place in hours!

Want to install your oven or stove right away? We can help!

Installing an oven or stove may seem like an easy process when in reality it is hardly so. For this reason, you should never try doing it yourself. Skillful workmen, like the ones we employ at Alpha Appliance, know just about everything about setting up any kind of home appliance.

Electric ovens

Without a doubt, the danger of installing an electric oven lies in – you guessed it – electricity. One mismatched connection and your entire house could catch fire.

Our technicians will first make sure that you have a special grounded circuit for your new oven. Then, they will deactivate the power to avoid all unfortunate mishaps, place the unit in its place and correctly link the wires, which will be accessible through individual holes.

Electricity is no joke, but Alpha Appliance professionals know just how to handle it! We can also install ceramic or glass electric cooktops along with your oven!

Gas ovens

Now when it comes to appliances dealing with gas – that is where you have to be extremely cautious. As you probably know, gas leaks may be deadly and should occur neither during the installation nor after it. That is why, prior to installing the oven, the Alpha Appliance mechanic who installs gas stoves will thoroughly inspect the gas connections in your kitchen to seek any damage or possible malfunction.

If the connections in your kitchen and the oven do not correspond with each other, we will need to attach an adaptor. After the oven is set up, our workmen, who are licensed to work with gas, will check it for leaks and conduct a full observation of your new unit.

Induction stoves

Contrary to gas and electric ovens, induction stoves and cooktops use electric currents to heat the food with the technology of magnetic induction. This makes the installation process a bit easier and less hazardous, as no dangerous substances like gas are involved.

Our skillful workmen and electricians will examine the place of the installation to determine whether your circuits fit the requirements and if there are aluminum wiring and wire nuts necessary to connect the stove.

Besides everything described above, Alpha Appliance offers their customers replacement services for any of their stove’s parts, f.i. a cracked glass door or faulty controllers. With our service, you will enjoy gourmet home-cooked meals for decades to come!

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Why should you hire our oven installers?

Installing a new stove can turn into a tedious and long-lasting project if not done by professionals. With Alpha Appliance, you will not have to think about the time spent on the service since our technicians are fast as a bolt of lightning! We start working on your case right after your call and are always around the corner in case you need us for an emergency!

With our same-day operation system, you will not have to adjust any of your plans to fit our schedule. Our employees will assist you in choosing the right stove or oven, deliver it to your house and install it all on the same day.

And this is not the only benefit of ordering services from Alpha Appliance. Besides having highly experienced and qualified workers in every department of our company (even the call operators will answer any of your appliance questions!), we offer a warranty for everything that we do. If you think that this is some kind of a premium feature – you are wrong!

In fact, our prices are so affordable that you will not have to look for a better deal. On top of that, we have discounts, coupons, and special offers for every one of your services! Contact Alpha Appliance right now for quality cooktop or oven installation service!

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