Long-lasting Jenn-Air appliances repair you can count on

If you are a Jenn-Air user and prefer this brand when choosing home appliances, you should look for a company you can trust when your refrigerator, stove, oven, etc., breaks down. Our team of knowledgeable specialists at Alpha Appliance is equipped to handle any issues that may arise with your Jenn-Air device.

Our Jenn-Air appliance repair technicians are experienced and proficient in managing a variety of devices. You won’t be let down when you hire them, whether you need a washer repair expert or someone who can restore your oven to its original state.

Our highly qualified experts have many years of experience. Every customer who needs our help can rely on us to successfully solve even the most difficult problems. We always have spare parts in stock to repair your device on the same day. Our specialists are ready for emergency and service calls and can quickly repair your Jenn-Air unit, no matter how severe the damage is.

To comply with government regulations and prevent the unauthorized discharge of refrigerants and pollutants into the atmosphere and environment, each of our service vehicles has a refrigerant recovery system. We are effective, environmentally conscious and well prepared. Alpha Appliance is all about effective Jenn-Air troubleshooting!

jenn air professional refrigerator repair

Jenn-Air refrigerator repair

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You surely include the refrigerator on your list of the most crucial devices in your house. A broken Jenn-Air refrigerator is more than just a little annoyance. In fact, it may be a costly issue because it can cause hundreds of dollars worth of rotten food to be lost.

That’s why we insist that our customers carry out general maintenance of their appliances at least once a year and call a specialist as soon as they suspect their fridge is malfunctioning. The most typical problems are:

  • Fridge is leaking;
  • Excessive frost;
  • Temperature control failure;
  • Poor or worn down isolation;
  • The refrigerator won’t turn off;
  • Ice on the freezer floor;
  • Food in the refrigerator is frozen.

All types of refrigerators are serviced by our Jenn-air fridge repair specialists. We provide free service calls with repairs, a complete guarantee of 90 days on labour, and same-day service whenever possible every day of the year, including the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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Jenn-Air dishwasher repair

repair jenn air dishwasher

Today dishwashers are much more sophisticated than the ones our grandparents and parents used. The fundamental architecture of the dishwasher is virtually unchanged, but as technology advances, parts and control panels have changed drastically. It may seem difficult to fix a broken device, but Alpha Appliance is qualified to repair any type or model of the Jenn-Air dishwasher, no matter how new or old. For example:

  • Dishwasher cycles for too long;
  • Dishes stay wet and aren’t drying;
  • Dishwasher dispenser is leaking;
  • Dishwasher does not complete cycles;
  • Door issues (won’t stay shut or open);.
  • Dishwasher dispenser is stuck;
  • Motor turns on, but nothing is happening.

The roots of the breakages can vary from overusing the dishwasher (loading more dishes than it is supposed to handle), cracks, heating element malfunction, and food residue buildup – all of these can be quickly repaired by our team.

authorized jenn air oven repair near me

Jenn-Air stove & oven repair

jenn air electric and gas stove repair

Your daily routine can be disrupted if your Jenn-Air stove in your house fails. Even worse, a faulty stove poses a serious risk to your family’s safety. A fire might result from a damaged oven. If you have a gas stove and the source of your issue is a gas leak, your entire family is in danger.

It goes without saying that you must promptly locate a repair company to mend your damaged appliance. Our Jenn-Air stove and oven repair experts can fix any problem, including:

  • Oven won’t heat;
  • Stove has a burning smell;
  • The interior light is out;
  • Broiler not working;
  • The burner getting too hot.

Alpha Appliance repair personnel are always nearby. If you call for same-day services, we’ll arrive on site shortly after and begin repairing your stove using our fully stocked service vans with the most typical repair components.