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professional gas equipment installation service

Bought a new piece of the appliance but cannot use it because you have no one to install it? Scared that there might be no professionals to install a gas gadget correctly? Alpha Appliance has got you covered! Whatever you have for us to do: be it a gas stove, an oven, a range, or a gas dryer installation – our professional handypersons will do it accurately and according to all the standards. You can trust us, as all of our technicians are gas certified and have tremendous experience working in the area.

If your old appliance is inoperative to the point that it cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced – we can do that too! Alpha Appliance will help you to choose a perfect new unit out of our enormous selection of appliances and install it on the same day! It has never been easier to replace a gas oven or whatever appliance you have – simply call AlphaAppliance, and we will do everything without you having to postpone your plans for the day! And you do not have to wait long for our service, as we are always just around the corner, ready to tackle any task you give us with no delays.

What types of gas appliances do we install?

It is important to specify that we cooperate with more than 40 brands of appliances, like Kenmore, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, LG, Maytag and others. It is crucial because each type and brand of the domestic gadget has its own specifications and nuances of installation. As was mentioned before, Alpha Appliance can assist you with such gas appliance installation:

Gas stove and oven installation

To install a gas oven or a stove, a professional will first check whether the gas type provided by your house corresponds with the one accepted for the unit (it could be natural gas or propane) because the main problem with this service is that our workers deal with daily is the compatibility. If it does not match, a converter is to be installed for you to be able to use the stove. One also needs to check whether the socket, which will be used to hook up the oven, is grounded. After the installation process is complete, the most crucial thing for your safety is to look carefully for leaks and do a test run of the appliance. The same process can be applied to cooktops and ranges. All of that will be carried out with knowledge and professionalism by Alpha Appliance staff!

Gas dryer installation

When it comes to a gas dryer, there are a few steps to its installation. First, you, of course, need to check whether you have a gas pipe in your bathroom or wherever you want the dryer to be installed. The gas should be turned off to avoid all unfavourable consequences. Then, the pipe ends should be sealed securely with a pipe thread compound. Next, when the connector is attached, the technician will affix the dryer to the wall pipe and check for leaks. Finally, the exhaust vent is safely installed before one can use the dryer.

Gas is a delicate matter not to be meddled with by non-professionals. Think twice before trying to install a gas unit and better call for knowledgeable people with a license to handle the situation with no casualties. Alpha Appliance is always there to assist you at any time of the day. We will avoid any common installation problems like the appliance not being compatible with your gas supply or different electricity voltages.

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Installation of gas appliances – leave it to the pros

A great gas appliance installer does not only provide excellent service on the matter but also always puts its customers first by giving them other advantages. Alpha Appliance is not an exception here.

Besides the high-standard installation and replacement, we offer our clients full coverage of warranty, great prices along with extensive discounts, special offers and coupons, the help of professional call operators, who are proficient in the matters of appliance installation, and the same-day service. We will install the appliance on the same day as your request and will not keep you waiting.

It does not matter whether you want to install or replace a unit at home for personal use or at your hotel, restaurant or other business – Alpha Appliance will always be happy to help you with it. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, private or commercial – we serve them all. Just dial our number, and our gas certified workers will arrive in a matter of minutes.

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