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The most debated question in the kitchen not so long ago was, “Who washes the dishes today?” Fortunately, technological progress has allowed us to call the dishwasher a must-have kitchen appliance. Those who have ever used one can no longer do without it because the time previously spent on tedious and boring work can now be devoted to family, leisure or hobby. Expensive or budget, massive or compact – no matter which model you buy – your dishes won’t come out clean if the device isn’t hooked up properly. And this is where our dishwasher installation service is at hand!

We take great pride in being appliance replacement professionals who offer exceptional service to our customers. We cover a variety of brands (Bosch, Whirlpool, LG, Maytag, KitchenAid, Samsung and others) and offer more affordable costs than other companies. Our proficient installers are trained at connecting all kinds of dishwashers, they can have your equipment up and running the same day you purchase it! This means faster turnaround times and the best service!

Our experienced team can install any type of dishwasher

We provide assistance with different types of dishwashers, as each of them has its own set of specific features, explained below.


This type is perfect if you don’t want to see the dishwasher. Built-in appliances are hidden inside the cabinets, so your kitchen design remains impeccable. But at the same time, such construction creates additional difficulties regarding installation. All the connections to water lines and electricity are hidden too.

Professional dishwasher installation guarantees that your built-in dishwasher is connected correctly and all the connections are sealed. It’s crucial because you won’t be able to detect the leakage right away. When you notice the problem, the damage to your furniture and floor could be irreversible.


The installation of the portable dishwasher is much easier than the previous one. If you think: “I want to install my dishwasher myself,” it’s the best choice to do so. But if you value your time and peace of mind, we recommend hiring a professional for this job. Our specialist will check the hoses and connect them properly. The procedure is fast, and it won’t take much time.


These dishwashers can be placed both on countertops and inside the kitchen cabinet despite the name. However, different placements require different installation procedures. For example, the specialist will make an additional socket to provide an electrical supply for the under-the-countertop installation.

This type of dishwasher can be connected permanently, just like built-in ones. This type of connection is more reliable. If you are not planning to move the appliance, it’s the best choice. A permanent connection ensures better protection from ‌leakages.

Double Drawer

It’s another kind of built-in dishwasher. The installation requires advanced skills and experience. We don’t recommend trying to install a double-drawer dishwasher yourself. Two independent sections make it even harder to adjust all the connections correctly. Technically, these dishwashers require a separate connection for each compartment. Our specialists will ensure that they do the process properly and that there is no danger of leakage or short circuit.

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Installation of dishwasher – don’t make it hard on yourself!

What makes Alpha Appliance so special? Promptness, quality and affordability – these are the three main criteria that you are guaranteed to receive by ordering our service. We are a team of experienced specialists who are ready to respond to your request immediately and perform fast dishwasher replacement. We can install your dishwasher under any technical conditions. If necessary, our pros will carry out diagnostics and fix possible problems with the appliance.

We usually work by appointment, but in case of an emergency, we are ready to react swiftly and rush to your aid, as we offer 24/7 dishwasher installations. Our company is known for its trustworthiness, excellent communication, integrity, and high-quality work. We are committed to contributing our all to every project, no matter how big or small. We are experts in our field and offer our customers the level of service we ourselves would like to get!

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Take advantage of our service and enjoy all the benefits of your household equipment!