Same-day Kenmore appliances repair available for you!

For years Alpha Appliance has remained steadfast in our commitment to building a solid foundation of professionalism and trust with each of our clients. We’ve discovered a method to improve Kenmore appliance repair service by offering a wide range of repair methods at favourable prices and with good quality of performance.

Our technicians are all qualified and trained. They have undergone in-depth instruction on all brands and models of appliances. Each of them is proficient and courteous, and they will take the time to explain the issue and the solution to you. We will assist you with maintaining your appliances’ safe and effective operation. A 90-day warranty is offered on all of our work.

You won’t have to wait all day for an appliance repair technician to arrive because our pros live in the cities they serve. You can expect an estimate and a frank assessment of your real needs before we start the repair work. We always offer solutions that are best suited to your circumstances. Our Kenmore appliance troubleshooting will leave no chance for your device to malfunction.

kenmore refrigerator repair service

Kenmore fridge repair

kenmore fridge repairs near me

Is your Kenmore fridge not cooling? Has it lost all function? You may exhale with peace knowing that our team is on hand to assist with any refrigeration issues you may be experiencing. We can eliminate any problem, including:

  • Power problems;
  • Cooling problems;
  • Problems with the temperature;
  • Your refrigerator is constantly running;
  • Leaks;
  • Sealant problems;
  • and many more.

We can complete your Kenmore fridge repair within a day. Whether it’s for a straightforward maintenance procedure or a difficult repair job, we constantly seize the chance to exceed our clients’ expectations.

kenmore washing machine repairs near me

Kenmore washing machine repair

best kenmore washer repair

Do not give up too easily if your Kenmore washer has broken down or is not cleaning your clothing. For just any Kenmore washing machine repair you could require, we are your go-to company. Our experts, for instance, can address:

  • Your washer is leaking;
  • It fails to fill up with water;
  • It doesn’t spin;
  • It won’t drain;
  • It makes odd noises;
  • It omits unpleasant odors.

Contacting our team is much simpler for your pocket. We genuinely care about providing you with high-calibre services at reasonable costs.

kenmore dryer repair service

Kenmore dryer repair

fix kenmore dryer

Laundry is now a task that requires a lot more time. Thankfully, you may arrange Kenmore dryer repair with one of our skilled and factory-trained specialists. They have the expertise, skills, and tools necessary to fix your broken dryer. All of the following problems may be resolved with the help of our team:

  • Dryer doesn’t turn on or off;
  • Clothes take too long to dry;
  • Dryer works, but doesn’t get hot;
  • Appliance is too noisy.

By arranging your repair with us, you can avoid inconvenient breaks, safety hazards, and high energy costs.

kenmore dishwasher repairs near me

Kenmore dishwasher repair

fix kenmore dishwasher

Is your device so inefficient that you have been forced to wash dishes by hand? We’ll provide you with the Kenmore dishwasher repair service you require to restore peak condition to your kitchen. We diagnose and fix a variety of problems, including:

  • Dishwasher is leaking;
  • Appliance will not drain;
  • It has clogged;
  • Ineffective cleaning;
  • It doesn’t start;
  • Unusual noises.

Each of our professionals represents our principles and beliefs in full, and they will enter your house with courtesy and a true desire to simplify your life. Call us right away to arrange your same-day service!

kenmore oven and stove repair

Kenmore stove & oven repair

fix kenmore stove

We provide same-day Kenmore oven and stove repair and have a high level of responsiveness. To make sure we address the issue at its root, we always begin with a comprehensive inspection of your damaged device.

Our professionals diagnose and resolve a range of issues, including:

  • Oven not heating;
  • Broken thermostat;
  • Door problems;
  • Oven overheating;
  • Self-cleaning issues;
  • Temperature regulation problems.

You don’t have to be concerned about unforeseen costs because we offer flat rate pricing and provide quotes before any repairs! Our 3-month part and labour warranty covers every appliance repair and service.