Get professional repair of Hotpoint appliances now

Hotpoint is one of the leaders in the production of the widest range of household appliances which is required by the vast majority of people in their daily lives. But even the highest quality device may fail, and you will need the services of a specialist. Alpha Appliance company carries out professional repairs of household appliances. We employ specialists with vast experience in fixing any device.

What advantages do you get working with us?

  • Qualified technicians. Our pros have specialized education, have passed a strict selection process, and are regularly trained to repair any household appliances.
  • Original spare parts for household appliances. We use only new original spare parts certified by Hotpoint during repairs.
  • Affordable prices for the repair. Alpha Appliance, unlike other services, does not mislead customers. Our managers always tell you the approximate full price of the repair, including the price of spare parts and the specialist’s work.
  • A warranty is provided for all types of work. After the repair is completed, the specialist will give you a warranty card for a period depending on the type of work done and installed spare parts.

Among other benefits of cooperation with our Hotpoint appliance repair service is the possibility to replace broken parts with new and functional ones. They are original spare parts from the manufacturer with a guarantee of quality and durability. We focus on long-term cooperation, effective solutions to customer problems, and maintaining affordable service prices.

best hotpoint refrigerator repair service

Hotpoint fridge repair

local hotpoint fridge repair near me

Usually, Hotpoint refrigerators may have problems with freon or the engine as a result of natural wear and tear. Diagnosing and repairing such devices may be difficult; you can face problems in various areas. Here are the most common signs your fridge needs repair:

  • The fridge not defrosting;
  • Ice buildup;
  • The door does not close tightly;
  • It is leaking.

Our specialists provide the entire list of Hotpoint refrigerator repair services. Constant work on fixing various defects has given the technicians a great deal of practical experience in repair work. By calling us, you can be sure of the device’s quality repair and its subsequent long service life.

hotpoint dishwasher repair canada

Hotpoint dishwasher repair

repair hotpoint dishwasher

The dishwasher is an important part of the everyday life of every large family. Piles of dirty dishes are a situation familiar to every homemaker. In such a case, the dishwasher is real salvation, which saves strength, time, and nerves, but, like any appliance, dishwashers can break down.

Our Hotpoint dishwasher repair technicians can point out the most frequent breakages, among which are:

  • Water overflows;
  • Water is too hot or not hot enough;
  • The dishwasher does not empty;
  • Does not use detergent;
  • No power supply;
  • Extraneous noise;
  • Dishes not drying;
  • Water leaking.
hotpoint washing machine repair service

Hotpoint washing machine repair

authorized hotpoint washer repair near me

Almost 90% of washing machine repairs are due to violation of the rules for proper operation and installation. To perform a Hotpoint washer repair, you need to determine the possible causes of failure. In fact, there are not so many different malfunctions of washing machines. Here we will consider them:

  • The washer stopped draining water;
  • The machine does not turn on;
  • Water leaks under the device;
  • Failing to spin.

Some washing machine malfunctions are typical. In this case, you will need the help of a specialist and spare parts to fix the problem.

hotpoint clothes dryer repair service

Hotpoint dryer repair

dryer repair near me hotpoint

Dryers are a crucial home device because they can swiftly dry clothing and other things. It may be quite upsetting when this contemporary laundry room convenience fails. When these energy-hungry appliances aren’t functioning properly, it may also be expensive to keep them running.

Common problems our Hotpoint dryer repair experts resolve:

  • Dryer won’t turn on;
  • Appliance isn’t heating;
  • Dryer’s drum not spinning;
  • Dryer gets too hot.

Because of our vast expertise and familiarity with both types of dryers (gas and electric), you can rely on our professionals to diagnose your Hotpoint dryer’s issue quickly and to do the necessary repairs.

hotpoint oven repair service near me

Hotpoint stove & oven repair

hotpoint electric and gas stove repair

Stove and oven malfunctions happen due to the fact that no matter how you maintain your household appliance, it does not guarantee the eternal operation of the device. We have collected a list of the most common problems:

  • The device has stopped heating;
  • Burner does not ignite;
  • The stove gets very hot;
  • Food doesn’t cook well.

Not everyone will be able to troubleshoot the wiring of an electric stove. In this case, we recommend using the services of Hotpoint stove and oven repair specialists.

Our team will promptly carry out diagnostics and repair. Also, we give advice and recommendations about the correct appliance’s operation, which will allow avoiding problems in the future.