Bosch Washer error codes

Bosch Washer Error Codes

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Error codes list for Bosch Washer

Code Error Solution


Malfunctioning temperature sensor
To resolve the issue, the sensor wires may need replacement. It is recommended to contact a qualified technician for professional assistance in fixing this error.
To do this, you need to contact us (866) 905-3275 Or fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible BOOK ONLINE

E17, F17 or F29

Inlet valve malfunction
Check that the water valves connected to the washing machine are fully open. Insufficient water supply can trigger this error. Ensure that the valves are providing the necessary amount of water for the wash cycle to run properly.


Electric network connection failure
Check if the main supply connection is secure and within the normal operating range.


If you encounter this error while cooking, immediately stop the process. Activate the cooling fan to facilitate cooling and prevent further overheating.


Faulty door lock
Try deactivating the mode switch. Although you can still use the oven when this error occurs, it is advisable to have a professional replace the malfunctioning door locking mechanism.
To do this, you need to contact us (866) 905-3275 Or fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible BOOK ONLINE


Circuit issues
Press the “Stop” button until the Er8 indicator turns off. You can continue using the oven in the standard operation mode.


Malfunctioning safety relay
To fix this issue, simply replace the fuser cleaning web. You can also try resetting the circuit breaker before replacing the cleaning web.

E18 or F18

Drain hose problem
Inspect the drain pump and drain hose for any clogs or blockages. Clear out any debris that might be obstructing the drainage. Additionally, check that the drain hose is installed correctly to facilitate effective water removal.

E32 or F32

Unbalanced load
Pause the current cycle and redistribute the laundry inside the drum to achieve a balanced load. Ensure that both small and large items are distributed evenly. If required, activate a spin cycle to help redistribute the load for better balance.

E33 or F33

Excessive detergent usage
Reduce the amount of detergent being used, particularly for lightly soiled clothes. Refer to the detergent packaging for recommended dosage instructions. Adjusting the detergent quantity can help prevent excessive foam and improve washing results.


Communication failure
Reset your unit by turning it off and then on again. If that doesn’t work, it is advisable to contact a technician for further assistance and diagnosis.
To do this, you need to contact us (866) 905-3275 Or fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible BOOK ONLINE


Flaw in the drive circuit
It is recommended to seek professional assistance for repairing the drive circuit.
To do this, you need to contact us (866) 905-3275 Or fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible BOOK ONLINE

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Bosch Washer error codes list

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    Paul was our service rep and he was able to fit us in on short notice. He arrived on time as expected. He found the problem and quoted on labor, but the parts were going to be worth more than the washer. (It was an older unit so we decided it was time to get a new one). He only charged for the service fee, which was about $25 less than what some others charge. Great communication and service all around.

    Apr 25, 2024