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London gas appliance repairs

Gas malfunctions in devices are a frequent and dangerous issue that requires prompt solutions. Therefore, having the appropriate skills to repair such appliances is crucial. Unfortunately, insufficient expertise can result in gas leaks, poisoning, or even fires.

Our company offers affordable, reliable, high-end gas appliance repair services in London, Ontario. We have the experience and equipment to fix any issue with the following appliances:

  • Gas oven. Our pro team has a vast knowledge of gas oven restoration and can quickly identify and resolve any issues. We can repair any damaged components using OEM spares, from control valves that have failed up to the igniter.
  • Gas dryer. Regardless of its manufacturer or model, we can identify and fix any issue with the gas dryer, like gas leaks or replacing the most complicated components.
  • Gas stove. Our technicians are adept at solving any issue like broken control knobs, noisy burners, or gas odour. Also, our gas appliance technician in London, Ontario, can repair any slide-in, drop-in or standard appliance.

Exceptional gas appliance repair services in London, Ontario

Gas equipment is generally safe. However, it’s crucial to spot the signs of failure to avoid damage to property or your safety.

Most often, customers encounter the following issues:

  • Unusual sound. Your gas equipment can make noises like rattling, popping, or hissing due to faulty burners, loose parts, belts, fan blades, or gas supply. Fortunately, we know how to handle this problem since our technicians often fix gas appliances experiencing this issue in London, Ontario.
  • Problems with the pilot light. Sometimes a malfunctioning gas valve can result in the pilot light no longer illuminated or changing colour. It could be due to malfunctioning thermocouples, burners, or gas pressure issues and may lead to a decrease in the life of your device, energy consumption, and costly repair.
  • Heating issues. Let’s say your food is not cooked properly or your appliance isn’t heating anymore. It could be a sign of a damaged thermostat, heating element, or even an igniter, resulting in lower efficiency and higher energy bills over some time.
  • The weak or yellow burner flames. Gas burner flames that are weak or yellow result from problems with the gas-to-air ratio. In this instance, a clogged burner port, filthy burners, or a damaged gas valve could all be at fault.

It’s cheaper and simpler to fix any issues by a skilled gas appliance technician. Our vast experience will allow us to solve these issues swiftly and effectively.

gas appliance technician London Ontario

Why choose our London gas appliance technicians?

Due to the numerous repair firms throughout the region, it is difficult for London residents to find reliable gas appliance repair. To make your choice more reasonable, we’ve put together the top benefits you can take advantage of with our gas appliance repair experts.

  • We deliver expert assistance. Our specialists have been through extensive training and now hold the highest certifications like Red Seal and NATE. Moreover, our team also has all the necessary permissions to work with gas equipment. That ensures security throughout the procedure.
  • An insurance plan protects the service we offer. Therefore, you are fully protected against any mechanical issues that may arise.
  • We provide an upfront price. Our specialists always provide clients with an accurate cost for repairs. In addition, the price you pay is only the amount you’ve agreed to, which means there aren’t any hidden costs or additional costs.

Our professional technicians and staff are ready to help!

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