Emergency Cambridge appliance repair – Available 24/7

We got used to not focusing on such repeatedly happening actions like washing dishes or garments. That’s not surprising – the industrial process made us take it for granted. And we only acknowledge the problem when something in this automated, properly directed, and well-conducted appliance orchestra starts acting up, playing its part in a different way.

If you don’t want to feel the connection with your ancestors by learning how to wash your clothes by hand again or cook in the fireplace – a fast and reliable appliance repair service in Cambridge, Ontario in your phonebook is nothing but a must-have. Alpha Appliance is of this particular kind – we conduct large and small repair – all in a fast, timely and mostly same-day manner.

emergency appliance repair Cambridge Ontario

Fix your appliances in Cambridge, Ontario with us

Our licensed workmen are able to tackle issues of varying difficulties with ease, as well as repair any domestic appliance you can imagine, like:

Stoves & ovens

If you are unexpectedly confronted with a cooktop or stove malfunction, you must act quickly. And by “activity,” we do not imply solo efforts to repair this domestic equipment. Because repairing both electric and gas cooktops may have serious effects on both the appliance and your health. The following are some examples of frequent “threat signals”:

  • The electric stove stops working before you turn it off;
  • The self-cleaning feature is not functioning;
  • Sparks fly off when the stove is switched on;
  • The cooktop’s indicator lights are not working.

We have a large inventory of genuine replacement parts from the main manufacturers of this family of kitchen appliances. As a result, your stove will have a new lease of life.

Washers & dryers

Long-term use of a washer or dryer may often result in breakdown, and the only method to remedy this problem is to dismantle appliances. If you lack the essential expertise, it is better to contact the service center as soon as possible for assistance if you face the following.

  • The drum is jammed and does not spin;
  • The appliance generates a lot of vibration;
  • The washer will not refill, drain, or spin;
  • The door or lid cannot be completely sealed.

Fridges & freezers

If you follow all of the basic guidelines and care about what happens to the “well-being” of his cooling machine, it may last for an amazingly long period. But, let’s be honest, we don’t always manage our equipment carefully; hence, there is a significant chance of issues with new parts for an old item.

As to repair strategies, it is essential to ensure that everything is adequately inspected since even the smallest error may lead to more failures. Leave it to our Cambridge appliance repair experts and get things fixed instantly!

They can swiftly solve all of the following problems:

  • The door cannot seal hermetically;
  • Compressors might generate strange sounds or leak coolant;
  • The ice machine is leaking, blocked, or stuck.


The qualified and early inspection often prevents the necessity of updating any item and extends its lifespan. As a result, it saves you tons of money. If your dishwasher begins to produce unusual noises or behave in any other abnormal manner, the most important thing to do is to get expert assistance as soon as possible.

Dishwasher issues that Alpha Appliance experts are fully prepared to solve:

  • It produces strange sounds;
  • The device is spilling liquid;
  • Error warnings appear on display.

If you see any signs of a problem, don’t hesitate to call our Alpha Appliance troubleshooting service in Cambridge.