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Alpha Appliance is a team of refrigerator repair specialists in Kitchener, and we know how to deal with all the failures you face with your appliance. Our team of experts can handle the maintenance of virtually any equipment. If you’re experiencing problems with your system, don’t worry – there’s nothing we can’t fix.

Our technicians will first inspect your device and inform you of what they discover. Then, they’ll provide you with a fixed price. The cost is the same whether repairs take 15 or 90 minutes. We cover all brand fridge repair in Kitchener, so rest assured we’ll get all the necessary parts for your unit.

With flexible working hours and excellent customer service, we guarantee your satisfaction. Don’t wait until your fridge breaks down completely – call us today to schedule a repair!

Exceptional refrigerator appliance repair anywhere in Kitchener

Your home’s refrigerator serves various purposes throughout the day, so it might add stress if it develops a problem. Refrigerators are year-round engines that keep your food fresh, but they occasionally have issues that must be fixed immediately.

Before you call the technician who will fix any problems, you can check the most common appliance troubles here:

  • Ice maker issues. The damper door keeps your ice maker airtight. If the door gets broken, it won’t close tightly. So, if the door on your ice dispenser doesn’t shut tightly, air can get in and make frost. We can fix your fridge in Kitchener quickly if you face this malfunction.
  • Endless cycling. Condenser coils are usually the cause. If you have to disassemble your refrigerator to fix the parts in the rear, it is advisable to call an expert in appliance repair.
  • Food isn’t cold. Your refrigerator may not function properly if you take food or beverages out of it and they don’t feel as cold as expected. If it occurs frequently, look for a problem immediately to prevent spoiling your food or getting sick. The thermostat is most likely to blame in this situation.
  • Extra moisture. The drain tube is a standard feature of refrigerators. It is used to transport additional moisture to the pan’s bottom, which is then dispersed by the fan. However, the drain tube could be blocked due to food spills or other particles, resulting in moisture building inside the refrigerator instead of moving where needed.

If you are experiencing any of these or other issues, contact us. We are trained to diagnose and repair refrigerators of any make or model. We use only genuine, high-quality parts to ensure that your appliance is back to its original condition and running efficiently.

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Get to know same-day Kitchener fridge repair services

We understand how essential appliances are in your daily routine. That’s why our Kitchener fridge repair experts will do their best to fix your unit whenever needed. Here are the main reasons why customers choose us:

  • Available. Our experts are available whenever you need them. In addition, we can accommodate special requests and offer a variety of appointment times. Call to schedule an appointment for a time that is convenient for you.
  • Competent and well-trained. Our highly qualified professionals frequently attend service seminars and receive advanced appliance repair training to stay current with new repair techniques.
  • Reliable. We have years of experience installing and fixing appliances, and a warranty covers each repair.

Our professional technicians and staff are ready to help!

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