Get your appliance working like new with our repair services in Grimsby

Is your household appliance giving you trouble? Alpha Appliance has the solution to your problem!

Our team has the expertise to troubleshoot your devices and offer helpful maintenance tips. We are committed to providing high-quality service for appliance repairs. Our service vans are fully stocked with parts from leading appliance brands, allowing us to offer same-day repairs. Thousands of happy customers have left positive reviews on HomeStars and Google, confirming the high quality of our service. Our team will satisfy you from when they answer the phone to your final handshake.

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Trust skilled Grimsby appliance repair technicians for long-lasting results

No matter the issue, our skilled technicians can fix it. The services we offer for home appliance repairs are as follows:

Refrigerator repair

Alpha Appliance has been providing reliable repair services for years. Our trained technicians will examine and diagnose the problem with your fridge (such as a faulty capillary or compressor starter protector relay, a broken door, a burnt-out bulb, and other issues) before making any necessary repairs.

Dishwasher repair

Professional home appliance repair experts can fix any problem with a dishwasher, including cleaning the filter and nozzles and replacing the sensor and solenoid valve. They use high-quality parts and tools to fix an issue within one visit.

Dryer repair

Even the most sophisticated dryers eventually tend to malfunction. Alpha Appliance can help you save time and money when it happens. All dryer models are well-known to our technicians, who can quickly fix any problems, including engine, bearing unit, or control module repairs.

Oven repair

With our company at your fingertips, you can rest assured that the oven will be repaired on the same day. We can fix any problem quickly, be it a broken burner, a faulty control or knob, a missing fan blade or baking component, or even a worn-out gasket.

Stove repair

DIY repair of a stove can be tricky and dangerous. The case requires special permission and training to do gas or electrical work. You can call us if your device is malfunctioning, whether it’s a spark module, fan, control knob, partition, or spark module. We conduct thorough diagnosis and repair safely.

Note that repairing appliances by yourself can cause further damage.

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Get a seasoned local appliance repair man in Grimsby working on your device today

After years of experience in repairs, we have perfected our customer service to offer reliable, cost-effective, and prompt solutions. We treat all our customers with the same level of care and respect, and you can always count on the following:

Warranty on all parts & repairs

If you pay for appliance repair, the last thing you want is to experience the same issue again. Therefore, we offer a 3-month repair warranty.

Same-day service

Home appliance malfunctions can cause stress. Our same-day service ensures that you are as comfortable as possible, and we do everything we can to resolve the issue in one visit.

Unmatched experience

Our technicians can solve any problem using modern equipment and a proficient knowledge of appliance maintenance.

Customized approach

We believe all customers deserve attention. That’s why we consider budget, schedule, preferences, and other factors when performing repairs. Our service team is always available to help you.

Don’t worry about broken appliances. Give us a call, and we’ll handle the repair.